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MD4-5 Blue Screen

Gary Posey 6 months ago updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 6 months ago 1

MD4 gets a blue screen. A second before the blue screen occurs, the MD4 logs No Contact errors with XS2, XA2, MC2. This blue screen occurs every few hours. 

Is it possible a CANbus error is causing the blue screen, or is the blue screen condition creating the bus errors. 

MasterBus, DiagBus, and ExpBus are all under 25%. Cycle utilization is low. 

Any insight in find the root cause, and solving this issue would be much appreciated. 


Under review

The error message on the screen looks like the MD4 wasn't able to keep up with the amount of messages it had to process. 

Possibly due to an overcrowded CAN bus. 

Very interesting observation that the MD4 that stops had logged No contact with modules on both CAN-A (where the multi-master traffic is)and CAN-B (where its expansions are). 

My first reaction would be to look at the shared diagnostics bus and see if there could be a burst of traffic there. But I can't really figure out how it could be related to the bus with the expansions.