IQAN MDL2 program adjustment

Marvin 9 months ago updated 9 months ago 2


I have a question regarding the IQAN MDL2 display.

I have a system that uses this display and to it i have a couple of pressure sensors connected to it. i need to replace these sensors with a different pressure range, in other words i need to rescale the input from the software. what do i need in order to do this ?. do i need IQAN design or something else ?, and since i don't have the project file, can i simply upload it and edit and download it again to the MDL2 display ?.

Thanks in advance


To change the scaled value range on the Voltage input channel, an IQANdesign user with access to the project file needs to make the modification. 

With IQANdesign it is possible to get the project file from the system, but for this you need the full access password that the file is protected with. 

My recommendation is to contact the company who created the project file. 

Hi Gustav.

I do have IQAN Design but what i don't have is the password for the system. Problem is that the system builder is no longer in business and multiple attempts trying to get someone that knows the password has been a failure. Any suggestions on what can be done in this case ?.