IQAN-G3, GPS position and telematics

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The primary function of the IQAN-G3 modem is to act as a gateway for IQAN remote diagnostics, in applications where there is a need to have the modem permanently fitted to the machine. Remote diagnostics over the IQAN-G3 is managed via a service provided by the company Proemion

The accounts and subscriptions for IQAN-G3 remote diagnostics is handled here:

In addition to this service, the IQAN-G3 can be use for:

-Sending its GPS position over CAN to an IQAN master

-Telematics server logging; listening to CAN messages and send telematics data for logging on a Promion server. 

This functionality is not integrated in the IQAN toolchain, but the Proemion tools can be used together with the IQAN-G3. For server logging of telematics data, additional ad-on services by Proemion is also needed. This knowledge base article provides an introduction to these Proemion tools 

Using Proemion tools

It is possible to make the IQAN-G3 modem send GPS coordinates over J1939 for the IQAN master to read. It is also possible to send data from the IQAN master to the IQAN-G3 modem.
The data sent to the modem can then be stored in log files and be used on the Proemion web page to monitor crucial values.
This solution contains a prepared configuration file for the IQAN-G3 modem that will send GPS coordinates on J1939 and receive one J1939 package that is logged and uploaded to the Proemion server every 10 minutes. 
This file needs to be downloaded to the modem using PROEMION tools.
This is how to download the configuration to the IQAN-G3

Get the PROEMION configurator

- Go to
- Select "Support" and click on “Download Center” then click on the link of the PROEMION Tools CD and enter the password "canbyrm".
- A folder structure with all available tools from PROEMION is shown.
- Browse to PROEMION Tools Software / Software / PROEMION Configurator.
- Download and install "Setup_PROEMION Configurator.exe".

Using PROEMION Configurator

- Make sure that the modem is online and connected to Proemion. This can be done by connecting an IQAN master with an application containing a G3 modem. The modem can also be set online on the modem configuration page in IQANrun by using "Test Server Connection" from the CAN modem configuration page.
- Open the configuration file "IQAN-G3 J1939 GPS and telematics" in the tool.

IQAN-G3 J1939 GPS and telematics.DOD
- Connect to the modem using "Options > Settings > Communication Settings"
- In the configuration dialog select gateway device "CANlink GSM 5xxx" and the option "Target".
- Enter Proemion username and password and click the "?" button.
- Select the modem to connect to in the list that appears.
- Click Ok to close the dialogs.

- Right click on the root node in the configuration ("IQAN-G3 J1939 GPS and telematics") and select "Object dictionary download > All Entries". The configuration will now be sent to the modem.
- There is another option called "Remote download - All Entries" that can be used to download everything to multiple modems or to the modem while it is offline.
- To start the CAN operation in the modem again, click the symbol “Reset CAN node". 

Reading GPS coordinates in IQAN

G3 server logging and GPS.idsx

- In the example application “G3 server logging and GPS” you will read the coordinates from J1939.

- The J1939 message used is PGN 65267 (Vehicle position), including 4 byte latitude and 4 byte longitude with an offset of -210 and resolution of 0.0000001 deg/bit each.

Configuration of the IQAN-G3 modem for telematics (server logging)

Using Proemion Configurator it is also possible to configure the modem to receive CAN messages and log these together with GPS positions to the Proemion server. 

- Received CAN messages are configured under Custom CAN Communication / Receive CAN Messages. 

- To add a new message, right click on "Receive CAN Messages" and select "New Object Dictionary Entry / Receive Message PDO". The example is configured to receive all bytes of PGN 0xFF20 (hex) for destination address 0x1C from source address 0x27, see below:

Under the logging tab it is configured to log every received message. Here it is possible to configure a period to log fewer messages or conditions when the message should be logged.
There is also a sub tab called Payload that determines which part of the message that should be logged. In the example all 8 bytes are logged.

In order to reduce mobile data usage, a recommendation is to not log more than 40 CAN messages per minute (~1kB of log data per minute). 
Please keep in mind the limit of used data plan when setting up your system! 
How often the log is uploaded from the G3 to the Proemion server is set in the Device Variables / Logging – File Upload period.

To include the telematic data from the GPS you need to enable the GPS logging. This is done in GPS / GPS functionality
- With GPS logging enabled you can use Proemion mapping and geo-fencing. This part does not require any specific server side configuration except enabling the service.

For details of all configuration options please see the help included in the PROEMION Configuration tool. 

Proemion portal

When testing against the Proemion server the data will be sent from the modem to the server in so called "CLF" files. 
These files can be accessed in the Proemion portal to see what has been uploaded. Select "Service > Device > Download files" in the portal. 
Here you can search for uploaded files for a certain machine.

- After the log file is sent to the Proemion server a corresponding configuration needs to be created by Proemion to interpret the logged data. 

This will incur a one-time fee from Proemion for the setup. Reference to excel spreadsheet for PDC creation on the CD. 
PROEMION Tools CD->Devices->Proemion> ProemionDisplayValuesSpecification_J1939_Layer2_CANopen.xlsx

Examples of what can be done
- If a threshold value is exceeded you can have an Email or SMS sent to inform you about this.
- Track the current position of the machine.
- Review the path the machine has traveled.
- Stored data can be viewed as graphs over time.

For further information please contact Proemion.

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