IQANgo for iOS, always place files in the IQANgo folder

When using IQANgo for iOS,  always place files in the IQANgo folder.

When you browse for files using the iOS Files app, the file association for IQAN files will be recognized when viewing other folders (e.g. OneDrive folders). You can try to tap on files to try to launch  IQANgo, but it will give this error message.

Failed to save the file

The specified file was not found

Image 2267

To avoid this, first copy the IQAN file (such as clone or project file) to the IQANgo folder, when it is in this folder IQANgo can access it. 

This limitation is due to iOS folder permissions, and exists in all current versions of IQANgo (version 6.03 the time of writing)

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