Older MC2 with version 4.02.13, internal error when using USB

After downloading a file with MC2 software version 4.02.13 to an IQAN-MC2, it will no longer be possible to communicate to it using USB.

This occurs on the previous version of IQAN-MC2, PN 20070899

We have not seen this issue on IQAN-MC2-M14, PN 20077787

The symptom on the IQAN-MC2 is an internal error blink code, 4 red and one yellow, followed by a series of yellow blinks indicating the specific error.

The full blink code is 4:1:6:2:1:3

If updating one of the older IQAN-MC2 to 4.02.13, the update will fail, and the MC2 will not have any valid application.

To recover the module, restart and connect to it over CAN instead of USB. Then download an older version, or version 4.02.14 or later.

IQANdesign 4.02.14 contains a version update for the IQAN-MC2 where the problem is solved.


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