IQAN-MD4 additional step for loading correct firmware for CAN-C/D when using 4.07.7

Problem description

IQAN-MD4 production was updated so that modules are delivered with vmAC 4.07.3 loaded.

Previously the IQAN-MD4 modules were delivered with vmAC 3.19

These MD4 modules with 4.07.3 were loaded with an older version of the firmware for handing its two extra CAN buses, CAN-C/D.

Normally when one sends a project or clone file to an MD4 this firmware for CAN-C/D is replaced when needed, but this does not happen if the application sent to the IQAN-MD4 is version 4.07.7 and the MD4 already contains 4.07.3

Symptoms an MD4 having the old firmware for CAN-C/D is that it cannot handle all the CAN traffic on these buses, and CAN frames are lost. It may for example become impossible to route CAN traffic to another IQAN master on CAN-C/D.

Affected units

MD4-10 was delivered with 4.07.3 from 2017 week 17 to week 30

SN 1717280001 to SN 1730280001

MD4-5/7 was delivered with 4.07.3 from 2017 week 18 to week 28

SN 1717280001 to SN 1728280001


Use 4.07.14 or 5.00 or later; with these versions the firmware for CAN-C/D is replaced when sending to an IQAN-MD4 containing vmAC 4.07.3. 

Workaround for 4.07.7 usage on affected modules

A workaround to get the correct version loaded when using 4.07.7 is to first send a 4.06 application (or older) to the MD4, and then send the actual 4.07.7 application.

Update 2019-05-17

For new modules, this article is not relevant. Do not use 4.07.7, see information on updated MD4-7 display. 

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