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Add an MDGN channel to your application and drag the channel to the J1939 module. Then select module status on the value property of the MDGN channel. You can also select the current lamp status of the module according to DM1 messages received.

There seems to be a bug when clicking on the input/output and the list is scrolled to the second half. A workaround is to search for the CAN message to reduce the number of items in the list and then select input/output.

There is an issue with the IQANsimulate 5.02 installation that causes the licenses for earlier versions to stop working. Until we release an update for this it can be resolved by reinstalling IQANsimulate 4.07 using a creative/active studio installation.

You get more details on the warning in the project check dialog. It will tell you that a certain property is not available no the assigned module. The project check dialog also indicates which property that has the warning.

For a DOUT channel there are properties soft start/stop time and peak and hold. These properties are only compatible with XA2 and XS2 modules. If the DOUT is assigned to any other module this warning will appear. The property value should then be set to Not used or the default value to get rid of the warning.

It could be that IQANsimulate is showing a dialog centered in the IQANsimulate window. Try the escape key to close the dialog. Then you should be able to move the window.

While it looks like magic there is actually another reason why the button is not always shown. The new get all function requires that the master module is also running at least version 5.00. 

If the system is a version 4 system or older IQANrun will only save the records that has been retrieved in the list.

We are using single precision floating point values (32-bit floating point). This means that you will get 7 significant digits. For numbers with more than 7 significant digits there will be a loss of precision.

You can connect a GPIN channel to the JFIN to bring in a 32-bit integer value without scaling and offset. This will keep the original integer value. Note however that unsigned 32-bit is not supported and will converted to signed integer meaning that the maximum value will be 2147483647.

You can use IQANscript to create a script that logs in with a higher access level, gets the clone and then logs out again.

If you need different size and/or color of the same ISO image you need to add the image to an image group first. Select an image group, right click and select "Add Image From Library". Then add the image to a page using the image from the image group.

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Looking at your example I realize that the recursion check still has an issue when using the SP as function selector (mode selector works fine now though). The construction you use should be allowed.

I have added case 44969 for this to be resolved in the next IQANdesign version.