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DOUT under current har flyttat till pin-komponenten som infördes i 5.00.

When you have selected one of the MD4s in IQANdesign/IQANrun the traffic to the second one will be routed over CAN. If there is a big firmware update this will be quite slow (also depending on CAN bus load). 

The firmware is partitioned into several smaller pieces meaning that in most cases only a small potion of the firmware needs to be sent. But if upgrading between two versions where a bigger portion of the firmware has changed more data needs to be sent.

To reduce the time loading the multimaster system it might be a good idea to upgrade each MD4 to the same firmware version over Ethernet. You can connect multiple MD4s to a switch and upgrade one at the time using IQANdesign/IQANrun. Or you can connect the MD4 directly to the Ethernet port of the computer.

But 15 hours... there must be some other issue as well. How large is your project file (idax file)? Is there any other traffic on the CAN bus?

Constant channels are added in the initialization function group which can be added in the top level function group of an application. See page 231 in the IQANdesign user manual for more information on the Initialization function group and constant channels.

Attached is an example where constant channels (Text parameter channels) are used for IP settings of an MD4.

IP Address Example.idsx

Vector images would sure be a nice addition. We have this on the list of features to implement and I have added your input to this case (might help with the prioritization).

Note however that scaling images within IQANdesign will probably just be for vector graphics. Images created with photoshop or other bitmapped based tools will not be resizable within IQANdesign. It would just decrease the image quality with every resize.

1. Agree. Currently the tab key replaces selected text with a tab character (annoying...). Added a case (44507) for upcoming IQANdesign versions.

2. Also a good idea at least for the assignment operator. I think we should also consider to introduce a "this" or "self" keyword that can be used in place of the channel name when referring the channel itself. Added a case (44509) with this feature.

Did you remember to add languages to the target project before pasting the SPNs? This is required in order for the translations to be copied.

For external functions this is harder at the moment, since you can't add languages here yet. We'll add language support in an upcoming IQANdesign version.

The hint of the last index property says: "Index in the array channel that corresponds to the rightmost value in the graph."

The bar graph always draws all the values in the array. But it does not have to start from index 0 to the left and index 47 to the right. By setting the last index you can determine which value is drawn as the last (rightmost) bar. This is useful if the array contains historic data and is used as a circular buffer, i.e. you store the latest value at an index that is increased with every value (restarting at 0 when reaching the length of the array).

In your example setting last index to 24 means that the value at index 24 is drawn to the right, then 23, 22, 21 and so on down to 0. After reaching 0 the drawing will continue at index 47, 46, 45 ... 25 until all values has been drawn (index 25 will be the leftmost value).

It depends on what kind of connection you mean. 

You can connect to the MC43 module directly from a PC. The ports that are used in this case are described here:

The MC43 can also connect to the IQANconnect server and be available for remote diagnostics. In this case the MC43 uses TCP port 60100 (out-going only) to connect to the server. 

Chapter 7 in the IQANdesign user manual deals with Qcode.

There is no function to explicitly change the default language. But you could try to export the languages to excel. Using excel you can switch the columns of the languages and then import the languages again. The default language will now contain the English texts (for the items that was translated). The previously English language will now be Dutch and can be renamed. The default language will of course still contain Dutch for the items that had no translation.