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What about the component type and property name in the check dialog? What is shown there? 

Try opening the project check dialog. What component type and property does it show for the error? 

You should be able to double click on the error in the list and it should take you to the place in your project where the error is.

RTSP is a TCP protocol that is used to control the video stream. The video stream itself is then sent using the RTP protocol which is a UDP protocol. So in order for the streaming to work via VLC you need to enable an RTSP server in VLC in addition to the RTP streaming (not sure if this is supported).


It seems that the comparison function does not work for ids4 files. It only opens for ida4 files.

There was an issue with the IQANconnect server. It is now up and running again so IQANsync should be able to connect.

There was an issue with the IQANconnect server. It is now up and running again so IQANsync should be able to connect.

I just got your submitted bug report on IQANsimulate. It looks like there is a problem with one of the logs in the MD4 simulator. If you find and delete the log files for the simulated project it should work again. IQANsimulate stores the log files in the following folder:

C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\IQANsimulate 4\<Project ID>\<Module type-Address>\Logs

- Replace <username> with your windows username

- Replace <Project ID> with the id of your project (can be found in project statistics in IQANdesign)

- Replace <Module type-address> with e.g. MD4-7-0 for and MD4-7 with address 0.

If you want you can submit the log files to us for examination before deleting them (maybe we can get some clues to why they will not load). In that case you can use this link:

The CRC value is not exposed as channel value since it is not useful in any calculations. Instead the CRC channel only works as a placeholder within the frame in/out channels.

Thanks for the file and additional info. The location of the error within the file indicates some issue on the file system (the error is located on a position divisible with 1024 kb). Note that even if you save the file to a network location we first save it to a temporary file on your harddrive before it is copied to the final destination. This is to avoid overwriting an existing file before we have saved the complete file.

So I would still recommend a file system check on your computer to minimize the risk of corrupted files. Also check if any of your harddrives has limited space left.

I will continue to look into the issue to find out if there could be anything other that could cause the file to be corrupted.

By default IQANdesign makes a backup of the file before saving. So you can check for a file named "Backup copy of <filename>" and try to open that.

To be able to determine the reason for the file being corrupted we need to examine the file. Depending on what is wrong we might also be able to recover the content. You can send the file to us using this link:

One reason for corrupted files might be problems with the file system. So it might be good to check the disk for errors. Right click on the disk in windows explorer and select properties. The error checking is found under the tools tab in the property dialog.

Is the file stored in a location that is being synchronized with e.g. dropbox or any similar tool?