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Axis cameras support the RTSP protocol which can be used with the IQAN-MD4. Using a PoE switch it should not be a problem to connect two or more Axis cameras to the C4 connector of the MD4.

The zoom function is probably controlled using a so called PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) API. This is currently not supported by the MD4.

You can find details on how the Axis cameras can be controlled here: The options available for RTSP can be found in section 3.4 of the "Video Streaming API" document.

I'm sorry to hear that you lost your work. Since IQANdesign froze while saving it sounds like there was an issue with accessing the file system. This could also explain why Windows crashed. If there was an issue with the file system Windows probably experienced the same issue.

The error message about the file being created in an older IQANdesign version should only be shown if the file is a really old 1.x version. If the file extension is ida4 or ids4 it is created with IQANdesign 4 and should not have any compatibility issue. The backup file is created by copying the existing file before saving. If the file system had problems it would not be possible to create the backup file either, so my guess is that the backup file is empty or corrupt. Just to be sure you could send the file to if you want us to take a closer look.

To get version information about a file, you can right click on a project file and select properties in windows explorer. The File info tab contains information about in which IQANdesign version it was saved. In this case I guess that it will not be able to show the information here either if the file is corrupted by the file system.

To answer your last question, older versions of the softwares are available on the bottom of our download page, if you should need them:

From the list of ports used by other programs I could see a conflict with IQANsimulate. The TCP ports used by IQANsimulate are in the range 27020 - 27068 depending on module type and addresses. If any other program uses the same port the communication between the real-time simulation and the GUI simulation will fail.

Currently the other programs using these ports needs to be reconfigured or closed while simulating. Another option might also be to change the address of the master while simulating.

A more long term solution will most likely be implemented in an upcoming IQANsimulate version to avoid these conflicts.

It could be that some other program on your computer is using a TCP port that the simulator is trying to use. To determine this, you could run the following command in a windows command prompt (cmd):

netstat -ab > ports.txt

This will create a file called ports.txt in the current folder. Please submit this file to

An idea you could try is to add an exception to your firewall in windows for IQANsimulate. The simulator uses TCP and UDP communication for some of its internal functions. Depending on which firewall that is used in windows it may be blocked.

The prototype units do not have the same firmware and may contain some issues that where resolved in the final product. I would recommend trying with a production unit of the camera.

If the MD4 is restarted the camera needs to be restarted as well. Otherwise the MD4 will not detect the camera. This is probably what happens when you update the software.

I have not been able to reproduce the issue using the visible property of the video control. Is it possible that the MD4 was restarted without restarting the camera in this case as well?

How big is the measure group? Big measure groups consume a lot of bandwidth on CAN, especially if the measure group contains items from multiple masters. Consider dividing the measure group into multiple smaller groups.

We have seen that password protected streams does not work as it should in IQANdesign 4.01. You can disable the password requirement in the administration interface of the camera. Log in to the camera using a web browser and select "System options > Security > Users". Check the options "Enable anonymous viewer login".

With the login disabled the camera should work using the URL Gustav provided.

Password support for RTSP streams will be added in IQANdesign 4.02.

HTTP streams are not supported in 4.x due to lack of standardization of the protocol. Instead RTSP is recommended when using 3rd party cameras since it is a standard that is more well defined.

There seems to be a problem when there are unused PDF files in the project. References to PDF files after the unused file will be wrong.

This issue will be solved in the next release of IQANdesign (4.02) which is planned within a couple of weeks.