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Today we have the IQANDesign  5 Platform with MD4, MD3 Display modules , MC2, MC3, (MC31*) MC4x, MC4xFS mastermodules and XA2, XS2, XC2x , XR, (XC10*)  I/O modules, G11, (G3*), and GT Gateway.   (modules currently in phase out*)
IQANDesign 5 software will still be upgraded with new features releases and, if necessary, bug-fixes, but no new modules will be added. There are no plans yet to phase out XA2 and XS2, and when, finally, time has come, then early announcement with long term phase-out plan will be made. Also on this Forum! 

IQANDesign 6  platform is designed for the future by for example having faster CAN ICP protocols to keep up with growing machine control system demands. Another example is the Matlab/Simulink import features.  Unfortunately some older modules like  XA2, XS2, XR could not cope with the higher CAN ICP bandwith  demands and are not available in IQAN 6. 
IQAN6 features the newest introduced display modules series MD4x, Mastermodules MC4x and MC4xFS, as well as XC2x , and new XC41, XC42, XC43 and XC44 I/O modules, G11 and GT gateways.  IQAN 6 Hardware platform will be expanded with new modules.
For new to developed machines and larger mid-life updates of in series produced machines Parker advice to use IQAN 6 Platform and benefit from newest flexible and efficient system hardware design and extended IQANDesign 6 software features.   

Running and further developing both IQAN 5 and IQAN 6 Platforms side by side gives IQAN users in an early stage the ability to decide when adapting/upgrading  their machine control systems to newest platform.  

How big is interest in having IQAN module with 0(4)-20 mA , 0-10 Volt or PWM output ? 

Generally driving Danfoss PVG valves with IQAN Control system, we advice using the PVHC control option from Danfoss. You can drive the PVHC direct from the IQAN COUT current control output, Simple and works well.

Ratiometric input signal requred by PVEM series cannot be controlled by IQAN available Outputs, same for PVEP PWM signal controlled modules as they have high input impedance (5 kOhm), requiring extra Pull-down resistors to connect to IQAN PWM output

Another, more expensive, option is using Danfoss CAN control module PVED series, then need to include CAN protocol in your IQAN application 

Hello,  Within Parker IQAN we have different master modules and I/O modules having 1 to 4 Directional Pulse counts.

In IQANDesign you can easily add multiple modules in your System Layout, add your required I/O, including the Directional Pulse Count inputs, and move these around the different modules for optimal I/O distribution over the modules in your application.
Parker IQAN modules are designed with flexible use of different type In and Outputs, however it is not possible to meet every application I/O  list matching excactly one ore more  module.
There will be always a compromise to be made, however that benefits having some spare I/O  in your system for future expansion and options.

Hello Nick

There is more news to come on GT Modem and Telematics/IoT planned for late September.

Drop me a mail when you have specific requirement now. 

In IQANDesign under "Tools " you find "Product Documentation"  There you can select the information you want to have printed or saved as HTML .  Simple and effictive IQAN way.

The Parker D1FBExx proportional valve range (no onboard electronics versions) perform very well driving them with IQAN Modules COUT  current control.
For more detailled information on the D1FBE valves see the catalog and manuals:, and
The IQAN COUT current controlled output can control up to 2000 mA (XA2, XT2) and 2500 mA on MC4x modules, is based on PWM modulation with current measuremente and control. Dither frequency and dither amplitude need not to be adusted, just select proper PWM frequency generally listed in datasheets of the proportional valves.
For the D1FBE valves PWM frequency should be set > 100 Hz, generally we have very good performance and
low hystereses using 335 Hz PWM frequency setting in IQAN COUT channels driving D1FBE solenoids.

Note: You don't need to do build your own PWM control with timers, in IQAN the build in PWM  and COUT outputs are special designed for driving proportional solenoids.   

Hello, Please check if you have connected the Adress tag?

If you start-up IQAN MD4 display's without Adress tag , it will start up in safe mode

Hello All,

On IQAN system we have system communication ports in CAN:  J-1939, or Genereic CAN (CAN-Open)

The Ethernet ports are implemented for Diagosics interface with PC tools, and IP Camera's . Maybe in future Ethernet ports could be used for communication purposes, but not yet in further develomemt .

The Parker IQAN system is more and more succesfully used in Industrial type controlsystem replacing PLC's and Industrial HMI interfaces. 

In order to have the IQAN CAN bus to communicate with subsytems using Profibus, Modbus, EtherCat, Profinet, etc..  CAN Interface gateways are succesfully used, for example Anybus gateways :  

Trust this helps

Request has been raised mor often, there are many more customers are asking for LSL with frinction detend option, Mainly for setting manually speeds on hydraulic motor functions in both directions

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