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Did remove the external screen and started simulation on local. now the Simulated screen did show up:

I then  reconnected the external screen.  The window did not move.  Closed and saved.

Restarted and launched simulation thru Design.  Both display and Simulation did reappear where they were saved.


Found a way out. 

Seems that the widows were opened outside of the actual screen size.  Had no / do not know a way to recenter the windows. 

The taskbar icon option did not have the Full screen option I have used in the past to correct similar issue.

Wondering if the issue was caused by the fact that I have 3 screens with different resolution(2x4K and one Full HD).  or because I use different screen configuration.  For info this is a laptop and when I am on site I use a different set-up with a single external Full HD screen. I am not hundred percent sur but this was the set-up I used last.

agree would be nice to be able to change the scale zoom/offset...

Hi Cliff,

Stay on top is set:

The only difference is the "Use different window....".  so I tried it with the option uncheck.  The Simulation window now does not disappear.  It opened on a different window (where it was when I opened Simulate directly rather than thru the Design interface). When Running I can change the value of the different elements and I can move the window.  The simulated screen window however is not visible. When I first stop the simulation the window became dead as it did before and I could not close it.  But after I moved the window in the same window as Design then I was able to close it.  This brought the "Save dialog box".  I have to assume that before the dialog box was probably opening outside the Windows space giving the impression it was dead.

Here is screen shot when simulation is running with the window moved back to the same window as Design:

No signs of the Simulated screen window.  

Hi Ed,

Tried the Alt+Space. But no luck

Tried to start new simulation just to see, same result.

Tried to uninstall and re-install S6

Starting the simulation as stand alone same result.  It is all OK until I select run.  Then the window disappear.

When starting simulation from within Design, the simulation is active.  I have the data displayed within Design but cannot see the simulated screen or the Simulate window.  When I stop the simulation the window reappear but It is dead.  it does not respond to anything.  I have to use task manager to kill the task.

Really would like to see this implemented.  Adding that a visual display of the difference would be better.

I too often find the compare tool useless  and frustrating at spotting problem. 

Since we develop on different machine we get more item highlighted because the date or user is different than actual code change and Good luck to understand the difference between two versions if you add or delete an Item.

I believe this would be a very good option.  Even better if it could be controlled via parameter. 

1) Create rotating station like some of the new cash register we have in store now days.

2) Just got a request this morning... One of our display touch screen in one corner no longer work..  But this is the top left corner we use all the time.  Customer would like to be able to flip screen and mount unit upside down then dead corner would be in place where we have very little controls.  I know poor man solution to another problem... But valid point when boat is out of reach of any land for some time.


yes we do used signed number.  I had forgotten that the standard only allows for positive numbers.  

I like the idea of saving memory.  But I personally believe the issue is how to handle error.  In J1939 certain values are defined as error code.  255 for a byte.  When dealing with generic, this might not be the case.  Thus the use of a generic parameter allow you to decide what to do about it...


Effectively the Generic parameter do not support Offset and Resolution.  I personally think this is very good as it allows non standard treatment of the information.

If you want to make use of the Offset and resolution you have to use the J1939 parameter type.  This can be done even if the message is defined as a generic message.  You can mismatch parameter types in the same message.

I do not see the need for modifying the behavior


I have to report a similar issue.  Unit built in 2017.  Just started commissioning in late 2018. Project in development not installed in field.  Was working well one day did not start the next day.  Sent unit for repair.  Replaced by vendor  but no feedback on cause.  This is the first of the unit we have used to fail. 

It was not the Screen  as we did not have Ethernet communication either.