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Thanks both of you. Learning new tricks everyday. Looking forward to version4. Arno's trick is a good work around.
Drag and Drop??? I tried. did not seem to work (V3.18) or I do not know how to use it.
- Created new function group,
- selected 3 elements. Mouse show multi select icon
- Moved over new item. Release mouse when over new empty function group. The objects moved on the current function group and did not get added to new function group.

I agree touch pad would be very useful. Should also apply for Pin code wheel. Slider look nice but on a moving ship it is not always easy to scroll in straight line.
For the Project the consequence is that lower root including User interface or similar are not visible/accessible unless you move the slider back.
First of all, I qualify this as a nuisance nothing is basically wrong. I am running Iquan 3.17 on Windows7 Pro using laptop screen 1366x768 and external screen 1920x1080. But also use 1920x1200
99% of the time when I open my project the Slider for the project explorer is to the left. today for unknown reason it is in the middle:

As far as the Property inspector I did figure out that when the screen is being resized, the property column width is left un changed and the Value column gets all the squeeze. as a result it almost disappear in some cases. May be the two column could keep the same width ratio.
But once again this is more nuisance than reel issue.
By the way great forum and very good feedback from all of you.
Wow you can rotate the object but we cannot move it... Sad...
Yes we use the same trick, but this means two separate object to maintain. It would be so much easier if this was a single object. We are often dealing with data that is symmetrical Speed/Torque/Current and every time we have to make two objects and remember the trick about reversing colors.

This would make so much code so easier...

Along those line could we also have a state picker object in the adjust groups with a display similar to the Digital parameter adjust object. This is more for the MD3 type hardware where making drop down choices is almost impossible.
Specifically I have a machine with 3 possible operator selectable states: OFF, ON, Auto. Our system may have 4 to 5 of those items.
I can with the current objects create pages and logic to manage the thing but it is very awkward and adds a lot to an application already very full when it seems that it would be so easy to use the already existing labels from the sate machine.