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Uncharacteristic.  Did not get any comment/response from you.  The problem is still very real.  just fighting  it now.  Below are some screen shots.  Key issue identified:

1) When trying to edit a value the Font size is bigger than the text box.  we have to guess the text we trying to enter.

2) When dragging Window across the two screen system is having a caniption fit.  It finally re-scale but takes a full two minutes to resolve.  Meanwhile window is locked(Not responding)

3) I made the Property window more than 50% of my 4k Screen.  dragged to the window to the HD screen set in Portrait mode.  now property window is wider than the Whole screen could not resize it.  MOved the Window back to the 4K screen.  Now Property window shows but I cannot adjust.  Do not get cursor to adjust.  Had to close the App and restart.  now resized to 1/3 of 4K screen.

Navigation tool: Box not sized properly for Font
Cannot adjust Property box after

Great ideas,

I also would like the ability to have an Array of text or being able to extract text from a file.  This is for primarily for error handling.  I have devices with a very large number of possible errors.  More than what the state machine can handle (+ it is not very flexible).

I can sort my error or create Error log by number but then customer has to find code in instruction manual.

So the idea would be to be able to display a text based on an index.  If the Error file was external then it could be easier to deal with and may not tax the memory?  A Spreadsheet could be ideal thus allowing us to maintain the different languages or at least two dimensional array.

PS:  was able to do above but add to store config element as integer parameters instead of an array...

In addition of copying array, it would be nice to be able to do indirect addressing.  I have an application where I need to re-arrange the variables from one array into a new one to compress the data(Not the array size).  For example I have 24 data incoming from canbus generic message but only the first 7 of of the first 12 are valid and 7 of the bottom 12.  I do load them into one array of 24 elements. I would like to re-arrange them into one continuous group of 14followed by 10 elements with a value of 0.  The amount of compression is function of the application as the number of valid data may change in other projects.  I did not seem to find a way to do it.  I tried to store the data mapping in a config array but the Qcode screams type mismatch when I try to use the config array data as index. 

ps:  Since we use cloud base and sync'ed local copy, It would also be nice to allow us to go to the install from a local file instead of having to go thru the download.

I guess I missed your answer. Thanks. I will use the Ida4 until this issue is corrected.

Sorry, My mistake, works much better when I connect the Button object to the virtual digital in:)

note: I am not really running the program, Just merely running a simulation for it...

Thanks both of you. Learning new tricks everyday. Looking forward to version4. Arno's trick is a good work around.