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I see the model I used is of course, no longer available. But many similar routers are out there.

There is a CAN gateway and router, with WiFi and 4 x LIN in development at Electronic Controls Division. The translation would be to J1939, not IQAN protocol. Launch is a ways off yet - does it sound like it may do what you need?

Hi Cole, sometimes we have seen this happen because the vmAC is being updated and with MD4 and MC43 it is just too large. You could try pushing separately, power down the MC43 and then send the project. It will warn you that it cannot find both masters and only one will be updated. Then opposite - power down the MD4 and repeat with MC43 only. I have heard that this was necessary from some appl. engineers in their experience with G11 connection.

Hi James, yes, even after beta there was a period of time where iOS would work but Android would not. This was fixed in IQANsync version 5.01.2

Excellent! That is what I would have been trying. Glad this is resolved.

Hmmm, if you can spare the module for a few days you could send it to me and I can try to communicate with it. If it is still not working and this will not be a problem send me an email at

Correct, unfortunately the OS is sent with the application. You would need to find a way to connect over USB to be able to update from the old OS.

I see you have version 1.33 in the MD3s. That explains why CAN bus connection method does not work, CAN was introduced in version 2.00. Only USB will work. If your laptop is very new it is unknown if its USB will communicate with such an old version. Multi core processors and other PC advancements have changed USB somewhat.

I would try an earlier version of IQAN 2, it will have older USB drivers. It may be necessary to use IQANdesign 1.34 (the last of the 1.xx versions) first, but try IQAN 2.08 or 2.50.