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Thank you for the feedback. Both the modules have 5.03 firmware flashed into them when the overwrite issue is occurring. All modules were online and showed to have contact during the upload of the program that caused this over wright issue. 

Are there plans to make a similar bracket for the 10" MD4?

I understand that this is not a bug. I would like consideration to add a connect/disconnect button in future updates to the Sync app. This would allow the app to stay connected while using other apps and features of the phone or tablet. 

I believe this is the same problem that i have run into and its caused from not allowing connectivity under the security screen.

One the left hand side go into the Security tab and then into root. (as shown)

And here is a screen shot of the settings that should allow you to connect to the system through the G11 at any time. Make sure to select "Always" on all 3 of the connectivity options.

Hope this helps!

How would this work on an MCx family master without a screen to adjust parameters?

That is interesting. Do you know if this works only on the MC3?

Do we have a new IQANconnect license for October or is this available for purchase now?

Can you please list the instructions or tricks to get the G11 connected without having to change the program settings?

My problem is that many of the machines i work on will not have a display on them. I would just like to see the default changed from "ask user" to "always"