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My experience is whatever version is installed the latest, it will try to open with that version when double clicking. Try reinstalling the older one after installing version 6.

Since file extensions are the same, Windows probably cannot differentiate between versions?

Is there a table showing the relationship between PWM frequency and the dither amplitude?

As an alternative solution, would it make sense to add an artificial dither by creating a sinusoidal wave (timer + math) to add on top of the actual control signal?

Please try to allow connections for port 60100

I've gotten 4-5 requests from different people/companies for Modbus support, lots of industrial applications for subsystems, are there any plans towards this by any chance?

The issue is resolved:
An identification tag is required for the SMS in channel to work. For the above message, a seperate text channel was added with the value of "SMSIN". Sending an sms with text "SMSIN=1" changed the channel value to 1.

To IQAN team, I'd recommend adding the description provided in the 'Type' channel into SMSIN channel itself. This would make the working principle of SMSIN channel more clear:

Arno, you are right, there is still that.

The feature I mainly miss is the ability to see which of the other IOs are occupied when I add an IO.

In the bottom pic, I can clearly see that I need to move DIN-A to another pin to maximize my DOUT count.

Expand IO option would definitely be great.

I wholeheartedly agree. The I/O view in the previous versions were very user friendly and descriptive.

Being able to move IOs to different pins in order to have the optimum configuration was a breeze. It was so easy that anyone without experience with IQAN could open up the software, just add all the IOs they need inside the application and then drag&drop those into different modules to find out the best configuration that would suit their needs.

I hope there will be an option to revert back to the old view for this menu in the future updates.