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Any chance has this been looked into.  I have an application that I could be using quite a few of these MC41 if I can have both can ports set up as Generic 500kbs, but iqan wont let me do that.   The MC42 is out of my price range for this project. 

They don't have the same rate.  The J1939 will always be 250k and the generic is always 500k. 
The issue I have with the MC42 is cost and physical size.  The MC41 price point is were I would need to be at to make a go of this project.  And seeing as alot of the software back end is there already, i wasn't sure if this is something could be supported in the near future.    

If you could make the G11 work on a Generic can that would also help my issue. As I can just have 2 programs for right now, one with a J1939 engine, and then one for a Generic 500k bus with a G11 on it.   As the transmission will always be a 500k Generic bus. 

Is there any thoughts on adding this in the future?

Any progress on making the S/N a usable parameter?   I would like to use this, so a end user can upload my program from IQAN and put it in a new module.  I want the logic to be enabled by a hard coded SN logic. 

I have the last case issue.   I was bench testing the program, and I am using CAN C, but it was not connected to a CAN network.   Sounds like you already have a solution for it.  Thank you.

When you are doing a scan, you cannot sort the top in numeral order.   It would be nice to have them sorted by there ArbId.  That way I can easily find the message I need to be looking at in real time.

I would also like to see something like this happen.

I have an application that I would like to show the Header text of the PCC and a numeric pad show up when the channel is activated. Here is what I photoshopped together.

The second idea worked perfectly. The Engine type was already a state parameter, so I just had that be the mode selector of the IP.

I am not sure I full understand the External Button Controls.

What I am trying to do,

Just like I can select an Internal Digital to open the Menu System.

I would like to use an Internal Digital to open the following

I need this because we are adding 6 button keypad to the side of the display and there functionality will change depending on what page there are on. In addition there will be touch keys via the display.

Right now I get how to have the operator get to these pages via the touch screen, but how can I have them navigate to lets say the "Driving Mode Settings" adjust group, and not have to open the menu and shuffle through all the pages via an Internal Digital??

The first time it happened, the file was on a network drive.

The second time it happens it was saved on my desktop.

This happened to 2 different programs, it was not the same program each time it happened.

I used the backup but lost about 4hrs of work, I redid that work already. I would just like to understand what causes this so it doesn't happen again to me.

File has been sent in.