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Nice little addition... This will save time in the future as we transition to the MC4x. 

This is fairly straight forward I think unless im missing something. Use a JFIN to a POUT to a GFOUT. See attached program for raw example.example

If this were to happen what would the behavior look like? Would the unit still power up but applications couldn't be loaded? or would it just be bricked with no response? I am remotely troubleshooting a display right now that says "IQAN-MASTER No application available" 

Anyone have an example of the messaging to accomplish this?


This topic was added quite a long time ago, have you made any progress on this topic? I am working on something similar right now. 

???? is that being phased out also?

I agree this would be extremely useful... Most other software developers do indeed accomplish this while still maintaining their safety classifications by running the logic that you are changing in the background until the changes are done, then compiling the changes on command. Just my 2 cents as constantly downloading changes and having to shut down an engine can be a large nuisance.   

Ya, I've been doing that since XP disappeared with other software I need, but obviously would prefer to maintain 1 laptop. 

Also the hardware of the XA2's have changed over the years, and we had issues with latched DOUT's that were not an issue for years. Since we did not have the diodes installed per the manual this was ultimately our fault, and installing the diodes per the manual solved the issue. Just frustrating that we had hundreds of XA2's out in the field with no issue, now every time we send a replacement out we have to send a diode kit to ensure we don't latch the outputs. There is a discussion somewhere on this forum discussing this issue, I might have even started it, I don't remember at this point. 

I also use a surface pro with a USB to ethernet adapter with no issue. The wireless modem option is great too but a little slower than a direct connection. My module below. Maybe the module you are using is not 3.0 and that is the issue?