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I did think of a different solution for this, it isn't exactly what I want but it works more or less. I made the graphs all 0-100, and I made a vector scale all of my inputs to fit in that range. It's not perfect, but better than the other way I described above. 

Pierre, that only works in version 4 or better, if they are using anything less IQAN won't allow for 2 applications to be open at the same time unless you run a VM or something. 

I was just looking there was a solution to this problem, but apparently there is not yet. Right now I have to use a state parameter to choose which graph I use, based on which range I need. This seems like an easy win?

also, anyone have a step file for the mount? 20077778. Can't seem to find one anywhere. 

Does anyone want to share their swivel arm solutions? Looking for some options now and I am curious what people have found out there. 


Nice little addition... This will save time in the future as we transition to the MC4x. 

This is fairly straight forward I think unless im missing something. Use a JFIN to a POUT to a GFOUT. See attached program for raw example.example

If this were to happen what would the behavior look like? Would the unit still power up but applications couldn't be loaded? or would it just be bricked with no response? I am remotely troubleshooting a display right now that says "IQAN-MASTER No application available" 

Anyone have an example of the messaging to accomplish this?