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Thanks, I can try, but all the earlier version of Iqan have an extention change when modules are not supported any more.

And when I try your solution is is not possible to open my new iqan design 6 applications in our data management program. By using the explorer is also a problem because that is an encrypted folder structure, and check in and check out will then not work.

Hello Gustav, Thank for your answers. 

I tried to do the measurement over again but I have no clue how I get the 0.00 in the software version. I thought that I used iqan simulate 4.07 and Iqan run using simulate. But today that went well. 

I checked over aqain two versions, version 4.07 and 5.04, both are OKE. 

Thanks for answering me,

Kind regards Laura

Also with the google noto fonts the display is at startup slof, it takes about 7 seconds to start up. Now we have a MD4-5 and design 5. 

What happens when somebody loads an application and does not have the noto font installed?

We are making Mobile lane supporting installations. These machines are standing on the high way. They are often deals with high and low temperatures. We had two times that the MD4 was frozen. Display and software.  The surface was very hot for the fingers. Not touchable. When we measured the temp with a external temperature sensor. We found out that the display and software was functioning again when the temperature of the surface of the display become below 60,5°C. Is it possible that the MD4 freeze on high temperatures -:) ??

Kind regards Laura

You can change this at the properties of the display page containter

Maybe it is possible to make it more clear that the module is running, but is waiting for the language by showing the start up image longer until the font is also loaded.

Can somebody tell me if this will be solved soon??