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unfortunately the app does not appear to be currently compatible with my Samsung S8, what version of Android has it been tested with? 

The project I'm currently working this would be very helpful because one of the modules utilizes J1939 for control but the diagnostic messages are generic 11-bit.

This would be very helpful for us as well!  We have a few proof of concept applications completed but without proper log functionality they would be hard to commercialize.

There does not seem to be a similar path cited in the documentation for the F41 main unit... I tried utilizing the example with no avail.

Any ideas on where I could find the appropriate path because I know that it is not a hardware conflict as it worked perfectly with the IQANdesign 3 application? Thank you for any advice!

Only thing I would caution to make sure that in an emergency, that the system shuts down within a reasonable timeframe... I hate trading on problem for another!

We ultimately installed a Maxwell engine start module (basically a mission specific ultra-capacitor assembly) to the vehicles starting circuit to isolate the control modules from the cranking voltage drop. This is a very slick but expensive solution.