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Hello Gustav,

  Would you be willing to share what you did to properly read this. I have some code the works about 90% but must be missing a small piece to work properly.



Hello Michael,

   Would you mind sharing what you are doing to get this to work properly.  I have worked on creating my one DM1 message reader in IQAN for many different reasons but must have a missing piece.  If you feel comfortable doing so you could send me your contact info to



Is it possible to have a wrapped text of use multiple lines for the SPN Description?

Is it possible to read the Lamp Status from the DM1 block?

Is it possible to clear the DM2 messages with this block functionality?   

I think that it is a good idea to change it to feature idea. The ability to log an array is available on other platforms.  it makes it much easier to look at the data when trying to compare or graph multiple items from the same time stamp.  You can make the data appear like saving the data from IQAN run after using a measure group.

I agree. this would also be very help full in the screen editor.

Can it be added to allow the user to select the keyboard key or keys they would like to use for functions like this or other shorts?