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A retry button sounds good, as long as you don't have to run the project check that should speed things up.

We connect using NI USB 8473 CAN direct onto the diagnostics bug using IQAN Run for PC. This bus is not shared, we are not transmitting data or anything else, just connecting all modules for diagnostic traffic.

Unfortunately the machine is not with us right now, so will measure utilisation next time. I dont think it is a utilisation fault however because other logs in the same module appear to behave fine. The problematic log can be viewed in IQAN Run for PC, can be deleted but not downloaded as a log file. Its not the largest log file in the module either.

Hi is anyone able to confirm the correct wire colours to functions please?

That topic is exactly what I'm describing. It would be nice to see a 'live' value changing. For example when offsetting an angle sensor during commissioning on the MD4 display (all adjusts set to 'allow all'), to be able to see the calculated angle (a math channel in the application) when adjusting the offset makes things so much easier for us. I know the MD3 had this feature, almost seems to be backwards not to offer it on MD4, perhaps this could be considered in a future update?

I realise the reference channel is displayed on IQAN Run on laptop screen, but sometimes we get engineers setting up machines using the cab displays (MD4). Would be nice to have this feature.

Also we cannot get MD4 to display a 'live' reference channel, it only appears to show the current value of the parameter you are adjusting rather than the math channel we have chosen in IQAN design. Is there a fix or way around this?

Yep i have also seen this happen on more recent 7" screens

Interesting, thanks for the information, it would explain why i'm having issues, perhaps multi master wasn't around until 2012. 

The units i have here i believe were manufactured before 2012, can an IQAN rep confirm this is the reason why i'm having issues, display serial numbers 911230006 and 907230040?

Thanks for the reply.  

I tried sending to one or the other first but the software intended for 0 goes into whichever one i have connected at the time, despite me having an ID tag number 3 in one of the modules, and 0 in the other. The computer still sees both displays as 0 when downloading and the application intended for the module with address 0 goes into the display with ID tag 3 then on boot up after its downloaded it says wrong ID tag inserted! Its impossible to get it to configure as 3, the only way around it is to have both addressed as 0 and build separate applications, then send them separately on different busses. Is this a bug or am i missing something obvious?!

Great, thanks for the information, i have never noticed that menu!

Is there any way of storing the logs in a different location, changing delays or getting the VIN value displayed?