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We have a G11 connected to the diagnostics bus, this is the method we used to get the measure to work with the machine.

We have found purely by accident that if we connect a tablet and measure real time through IQAN connect services on an office PC through the internet, we are able to view all the functions live with no missing data or 'unknown' status. We haven't tested it to the same level but in the brief period i had it working it didn't crash out any modules. Does this help identify the fault? It seems the issues are only if your hardwired connected to a system....

Is there any news on what could be causing this issue? Thanks.

Hi Gustav,

We do not get the error shown (measure terminated) but instead when i use the measure button at the top of the screen all the blocks in the window that would normally turn green and show the values turn grey (status when hovering is 'unknown') and wont display anything. 

Sometimes when pressing measure the module i'm trying to communicate with (MC43FS) crashes and we get 'no contact' message appear on the MD4.

Curiously once it fails to measure (turns grey 'unknown' without the module crashing) i find that entering tools > options > measure > time depth and changing this value from the default 10 to 999, apply then OK, when clicking measure again it all appears green and i can measure again. However if i highlight one of the items that is now green and appears 'OK' the QCODE is not measure able.

After entering 999 and getting it to measure again, when i enter the same menu the value i entered (999) has now changed to an odd number, 83 seems common, sometimes 100. Its almost as if i need to 'refresh this menu to get the comms working? I tried a CAN tool (NI one that we normally use) and that refuses to get any measurements in this function group despite menu changes as i have done to get the Ethernet working. All other function groups work fuine with either CAN tool or ethernet. Whats going on?! Using IQAN 5.03, faults detailed above are using communication over Ethernet.

Hi Thomas,

We have a total resistance of 235 ohms connected directly to DOUT G through to ground. Does this suggest we have an open load output off when the module detects a resistance greater than 48Kohm at 24v, ie. our system is less than that (235ohm) it shouldn't be displaying errors?

We also get problems sometimes when viewing a function group with 677 components. We find that we get greyed box and unable to 'measure' anything on screen using a computer, could this also be similar issue?

A retry button sounds good, as long as you don't have to run the project check that should speed things up.

We connect using NI USB 8473 CAN direct onto the diagnostics bug using IQAN Run for PC. This bus is not shared, we are not transmitting data or anything else, just connecting all modules for diagnostic traffic.

Unfortunately the machine is not with us right now, so will measure utilisation next time. I dont think it is a utilisation fault however because other logs in the same module appear to behave fine. The problematic log can be viewed in IQAN Run for PC, can be deleted but not downloaded as a log file. Its not the largest log file in the module either.

Hi is anyone able to confirm the correct wire colours to functions please?