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Many thanks for that, am i correct in assuming that the JPIN Channels for Flow and Extend are just feedback channels from the vale? And what does the mode channel do?

Hi there, yes we have done this with the basic G400 system several times now 

Is there anything in particular that you would like to know?

Ah Ok thank you we will try that. Unfortunately the machine has now been delievred but will try it again on the next build.

Hi Anders , when the Iqan module was detected by Iqandesign we noted down the IP address. But when we attempted to put this in as a static IP - we received an error message to say that the IP address was not in a valid range so would not allow us to continue. As I said previously, the only way to be sure of getting a connection was to change the communication method away from ethernet, and then to change it back again. When we did this Iqandesign detected the modules immediately every time. We did regularly get drop outs when measuring - which was extremely frustrating!! - note that we also tried using a windows 7 laptop and were experiencing similar problems with dropping out whilst measuring. 

We have just been having really bad problems with communication to the system. Mac OS10.13.2//Parallels 13.3.2 Windows 7 (network configured as bridged ethernet). We have been unable to identify the reason for the communication issues but we have found that the only certain way to reset after the problem is to change the communication method from ethernet to something else, close down Iqan design, open it up again with the other communication method on, change it back to ethernet, close down again and then re-open with ethernet as the comms method, then the comms would immediately pick up the connection.

The comms problems were always present - whether it was getting sending or getting an app file, or measuring. We didn't really experience a problem when using Iqanrun but were never on the comms with it for long.

We have been using fiber optic for the connection between the screen (our access point) and the MC43's but in order to rule this out we hard wired them with twisted pair and still had the same problems.

Thank You - I knew I had seen it there somewhere!!!

I am trying to investigate using the new can routing option as a solution to this - can you tell me which modules support CAN routing?

Ignore me - i downloaded active studio versions instead of Creative Studio !!!!!

Ah Ive now realised that this happens when you do an export of a function group - it seems to disconnect the assignments in the application file that you are exporting from

Eventually I did an undo followed by a re-do and it sorted the problem out by itself - would you still like a copy of the application file to investigate?