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Hello and happy new year,

Anyone to help me please ?

Thanks in advance.


I have a problem with my purchase. Sometimes it is not restored and when I click on Purchase/restore Pro, it does'nt work. Only solution I found is to de-install and re-install the app, by the way losing all my passwords. 

Is it a know problem ?

If you want to update the system with a IQAN 5 project, you should be able to update the system with IQANrun 5, even if it is under IQAN 2. If you have this erre message, just click on No to stay on IQANrun 5 and send the project.


This operation should be done by the customer, so I can not ask them to install a software only for that... I found a way with IQANscript : 

- I did a script in 2.63 to get all settings in the same time to save them in a html or xml file. It is faster and easier to read. 

- I did a second script in 5.04 to set all the parameters manually, with access to all parameters (some of them are reserved to manufacturer). 

It still have some manual work to do, but it should be acceptable for our customer. 

Thanks for the tip anyway :)


Do you have an idea of when this feature will be implemented ?

Thanks in advance,


I had the same issues. It sometimes takes time to identify the Ethernet connection. Be patient and see if it's finally detected.

I try to use the application but it looks like it is for Windows 7 or earlier and I am on Windows 10.

Thanks anyway !

Hello again, 

It looks like my firewall is fixed because I manage to connect to with a navigator. I am on a login page, but I don't know which login I should use : forum login ? I tried but it doesn't seem to work.

I still cannot connect to the server with IQANRun app. 

Thanks for the help. 

Hello again,

It's confirmed, the connection is blocked by my company firewall. To authorize the connection, they need an adress of the server (IP or URL).

Can someone please give an adress ?

Thanks in advance,