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Has there been any movement on this?  I don't understand why this functionality would not be included in these, when it exists in all of the other Master Modules.


Thanks for providing this info. 

Has the 2017 US Training Schedule been released yet?

Thanks for the info. Yes, it would be fine with me if you move this to a public discussion.

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Eric Metz


I have come across this issue while troubleshooting CAN busses in our systems. When I am trying to confirm that the bus has the proper termination, I will disconnect the IQAN device(s) with internal termination and temporarily install physical terminating resistors into the bus and then check the bus resistance. Obviously this method is no good for checking the IQAN device with internal termination, but is has proven to be effective at finding other termination issues on the bus. This issue has caused me to move away from using IQAN internal termination in our larger systems. While internal termination is absolutely easier, it can be more difficult to troubleshoot a large bus. On smaller systems with shorter busses, we still do use internal termination for the convenience and to reduce wiring.


One thing I have seen on some other devices is a physical switch on the device that can be used to turn termination on or off. In these cases, the internal terminating resistor is active even when the device is powered off. Obviously this small change would require a lot of work to implement on existing hardware...but it may be something to consider on future devices.

I would also like the ability to have 2 lines of text in a button