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Hello Richard

Thanks for this feedback

I hope you can get rid of the high MD3 temperature

You probably have a too high module temperature.

If i remember well, the backlight is switched off when the internal temperature exceeds a certain limit.

When the temp goes down, the backlight should be activated automatically

Maybe you can measure the temp with iqan run


You can not change the value of a digital, integer or floating parameter inside a math function.

If you need a channel which can have the values True and False, you should use the IDC channel

This is an internal digital, which value can change, dependant of certain events

Hope this helps


Most of the current sensors have 3 wires

Just connect the power to the + and gnd connection and the signal wire to the iqan input

You do not need the vref- because the sensor normally has a controlled current output

Used it with pressure fine

You can use Qcode and program:

If xxx = 0 then result:= yy else result:= formula

I hope this helps you

Try to start the module in safe mode (see instruction manual mc2)

Before you try to download your application, i advice to strip your application, because the estimated memory usage is far too big.

You can click the + buttons to find out which application parts use so much memory

You can check what components use a lot of memory by a click on the +sign for each part.

The max allowed memory usage is mentioned in the statistics overview.

Herewith you can detect which part is too big.

The solution could be a reduction of the application or a different iqan module

Did you activate bluetooth on your tablet?

If this is switched off the Run app will only look for wifi connections.

The G11 is a bluetooth modem.

My experience is a max effective time of about 10 seconds

What could help is increasing the stepsize of the adjustchannel so you do not have to press so long.

You cannot change the max effective touch button ON time

It is preset in Iqan

According the docu, it should be possible to connect it to a lowside dout for instance pkm 39

But jn design 5.01 this LS output cannot be selected as separate output, only in combination with a HS output.....this gives an openload error, because an LED only has a load of maybe 20 mA.

So i do not have a solution at the moment