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I have this exact problem. I understand the work around but it doesn't look clear to the customer/operator what they are adjusting. It would be helpful like Dave said to be able to rename an adjust item if it is in a different group similar to the measure items or perhaps to be able to link the name of a Cout channel to a text parameter that is selectable using an SMC. An alternative could also be to have more than 1 output linked to an output slot on the modules and which gets used would be decided by the SMC and the Couts would be enabled or disabled for the machine configuration. We've had this need come up a few times. 

To add on to this comment, 

It would be helpful if you could have embedded scripts have their own reference application. This way within one master script you can have subroutines with their own reference project so the master script file can work on several different applications depending on multiple choice selections in IQANrun.

Thank you for the reply. So there is no way to accomplish this currently?