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Yes, we had the same issue once. 

the MD4 were from ±2017/2018.

It occurred with a costumer that run a large number of our machines in Hong Kong. it occurred in multiple machines al around the same periode, summer

In less hot areas we did not have problems.

Parker replaced the display under warranty.

i have not seen any more problem after that


i'm using the Seneca modules also for years now. big advantage is that it uses CANbus, so it does not uses up Iqan outputs

Hi Richard, just create two J1939 modules in this case the id is fixed. is for some reason you use one, disable the other

I've used amplifiers  numerous of times without any problems.

normally to convert 4...20 mA, 0..30 VDC (battery measurement) and  thermocouples 

Not on a MC2 but on MDL2, MD4, and expiation modules XA2, XS2.

I nomaly use the WAGO 857-xxx series or the Phoenix contact mini MCR series

I connect the 0...5 VDC - out directly to a Vin and the 0VDC directly to the Vref - (sometimes an extra connecting to the batt- is necessary, mostly for 3 wire 4..20mA sensors) 

it is in the manual page 7

It is a bench test so very simple just MD4 and G11

the problem is that as soon the phone connects with the G11 it comes with a message "no master module found" and returns to the start menu so i can's see in the data 

I tried both A and B with both are preferred for diagnostic.

connecting the Bluetooth also gives a problem, when its connected  falls back to the main screen and it directly gives a message "no master module found"

so i cant see the firmware data of the G11.

It should be 5.0 VDC, most of the time the cause is a short too ground or Vref - by faulty wiring or a broken sensor.


Solved, somehow the function is being blocked by or firewall. Using a different internet connection solved the problem.

I also have this, Failed to verify your license, issue.