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When you connected to the MC43 to IQANconnect, was it via the MC43 Ethernet port, or were you using the G11 with IQANsync? 


When you change the measure options, the measurement is restarted. This should explain why it recovered as long as the MC43 was still running.

The MC43 crash that both you and Frank had sounds a lot as if there is a buffer going full in the MC43. We'll need to check if this could be the explanation and if it can be modified. 

It would be interesting to know what cycle time and cycle utilization you are running on. 



Is this with the same application where you had the above problems with measurement in 5.04? 

Same cycle time? Where you able to measure in a smaller function group or measure group to see the cycle utilization? 

The limit is 999 measure items (counting all the channels in the group and the objects on the channel you currently have selected). 

The component count you see in the lower right corner when you select all components in the function group will only count function groups as one component, therefore this number will be lower than the total number of measure items. 

Thanks Jonas, your solution looks really good! 

A native solution for handling more types of CRC calculations is one of the features we are looking at for upcoming versions. 

Thanks for following up Marcel!

Yes, you will need the IQAN-MC4x to run the code generated from the Simulink model of the controller.  The functionality in the IQAN simulink toolbox  is designed to have a very time efficient way of getting from the simulation environment to deployment on a controller built for serial production, the IQAN-MC4x. 

It should be possible to order XC4x-series expansion modules within a week or so, if it isn't already possible. 

Code generated from Simulink models can run on the MC4x, the ability to run this code is not available on MD4. 

Note that from the simulation, it is the discrete model of the control algorithm that can be used for generating code that runs on the MC4x. The simulation "plant model" will only be in the Simulink environment on the PC (or on special purpose hardware)