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Another method is if you have the CMSG text as multi language, then you get the texts in the excel language export. 

I took the liberty to edit the title of the question.

To give a very brief explanation, the CANopen COB-ID is what you enter as Identifier on the Generic CAN channels GFIN/GFOUT in IQANdesign.

In the IQANdesign solutions library, you can find an example of how a math channel is used for calculating the COB-ID.

This example is for a Tramit PDO (sent by the sensor)

For most CANopen nodes, the COB-ID follow the defaults, where the COB-ID of the first recieve PDO is 0x200+Node ID, and the COB-ID of the first transmit is 0x180 + Node ID.

You find the COB-ID for the messages you will use in the EDS file, but if you read one for the first time it can be overwhelming. 

If you for example look at the EDS for a Parker Moduflex, you'll find this entry

ParameterName=Receive PDO Communication Parameter

ParameterName=Number of Entries



moduflex EDS.eds

Like a multi-line text box with up-down and left-right scrolling?

From the printscreen it looks as if you have a compare channel. In that case, I'd recommend using the "OK to start" condition, and connect it to one IDC that just checks that the signals are withing netural. No need to work with the latching conditions on the IDC. 

Very similar to the method shown in one of the video tutorials,

One workaround is to use custom buttons, having the button as an image instead. Feasible as long as you don't have to translate the texts. 

Another trick could be to put a texts with a small enough font on top of a blank text button. 

Thanks, good to hear that temporarily removing the other CAN nodes helps in avoiding this problem. I wonder what those nodes were sending that caused problems. 

IQAN nodes like masters and expansions will stop all unnecessary traffic during SW update, so they wouldn't cause an issue. 

If the other nodes are CANopen nodes, stopping PDO:s with NMT stop command before SW update could perhaps be an alternative to switching them off. 

If the problem is instead related to traffic from J1939 nodes, I am thinking that the J1939 DM13 stop broadcast could perhaps be interesting. But even if the other J1939 nodes support this, it is a message that has to be sent at least every 5 s, and the IQAN master won't send any JFOUT:s during SW update (as its application is stopped). 

Thanks, nice to hear that you appriecate the tutorials!

We have not planned to run the IQAN training course on functional in 2020 (only introduction level training's, see

I think it could be nice to arrange one next year when some of the current travel restrictions have been lifted. The training course on functional safety that I usually run is 2-days, with plenty of time for discussion and calculation exercise, I am not sure how to fit that into a webinar format and still have a good learning experience. Perhaps with a more narrow scope focusing on some specific questions?