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Have you tried the button enable property?

When enabled is false, the button will be grayed out. 

If you have it connected to a toggling VDIN, you'll also need to reset the VDIN when the enable is false. 

Thanks. I can confirm that this is how the MD4 display controls for adjust items (the slider/switch and state picker) works. 

If you set a PIN code or access level on the adjust group, then IQANdesign will warn you about Adjust item protection overridden. 

But if you disable the channel (or the adjust item), then there is no warning in IQANdesign, and the behavior can be quite confusing. I agree that this should be changed/fixed.  

The best way for protecting the adjust items is to only use the menu system adjust groups, where you can set a PIN code (MD4) or  access level (IQANrun). 

If you use the MD4 display controls for parameters that the operator shouldn't have access to, then a workaround could be to work with the visibility property of the display controls. 

The cycle utilization at this cycle time looks fine, that cannot be the issue. 

Although the memory utilization is quite high, it shouldn't be a problem for the communication. 

A really basic question, do you have the exact same project file version in the MC4x and IQANdesign? In a situation where you have some new channels in the project in IQANdesign that is missing in the master module, you will see those missing channel as gray (as long as there are enough channels that do match). 

Ah, now I understand what you were trying to accomplish with the Continue on error  selection.  Unfortunately, this is not how the Continue on error  is designed. It will always present the  IQANrun operator with a dialog box, by  manually pressing Ignore the  script will continue  on to the next script action. 

There is no function to make the script ignore and continue automatically.

Thanks, that seems like a pretty normal number of components in a function group. 

What cycle time are you running on the MC43? 

What's your cycle utilization?

You could use it with the XA2 if you add an external pull up resistor to e.g. VREF. 

I saw the installation sheet for on of the other speed sensors (the GS50) shows an example of how it can be done. 

Moved topic to IQANscript (although the dialog presents itself in IQANrun)

Could you try to set the Machine ID in the script as not used? 

But even with a fixed or parameter based Machine ID in the connect script action, the  Continue on error property should work. 

Haven't tried it in IQANrun 4, but in version 5 , the continue on error works as expected and presents an Ignore button. 

Changed topic from question to feature idea.