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The MD3 is running version 2.x, and the keypad is damaged. It has to be replaced (or sent for repair). 

What you see on the display is a troubleshooting menu for old RS232 dial up modems, it was possible to enter this on startup with a special key press combination. 

I believe you already got help with this from the AE.

For anyone else reading the post, a good troubleshooting step in case of No contact with an expansion is to check the LED blink code. 

I heard of this one from the RAE. I've only seen RTC problems on MD4 before, never on MC2. Probably best to swap out the MC2 on the machine and have it investigated. 

For the MD4 to be able to connect to the IQANconnect server, the firewall must allow for outgoing traffic on TCP port 60100. 

From IQANdesign user manual:

I know this can be problematic if the network administrator can only open up this port for traffic to a specific IP address. 

Does it help to know it is ? For load balancing, we have multiple IQANconnect servers starting and stopping. 

Yes, you need to use both the highside and the lowside as a combination (either PWM out HS+LS or COUT), with a load between them. 

It sounds as if your application has to control an external device with a PWM command. There is a related discussion on a problem with that type of connection here, this one is about off-state open load detect:

The reason for the check at startup is to prevent reverse feed via the internal flyback diode. 

At startup, the MC4x checks that there is no voltage on the switch supplying the high-side drivers.

As the PWM out HS+LS is always controlled as a pair (same as the COUT), it is easy to check this at startup.  

I didn't understand the part about "detect the Lowsidedriver state" ?

When you control a regular coil with a highside lowside combination (like the COUT channel), the monitoring of the complete function is done by the controller, and reported on a high level as status on the channel in the application. 

Not yet, for now only the performance versions of MC4x have the ability to incorporate simulink models. 

New build version of IQANdesign 6.04 released, containing PC fixes (No change in firmware).