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I can admit that I too have made the mistake, several times..

One variation on this idea might be that we introduce a retry button on the dialog that says Communication interface error. 

Good to hear that you solved it. Thanks for posting the update! 

What we meant with the note is to avoid installing external flyback diodes when using the COUT.  The IQAN-MC4x COUT has the necessary flyback diode internal. 

If your plug has a resistor + LED will not have the same effect, since it is arranged in the opposite direction. 

What you might notice is that the LED on the plug glows, due to the leakage current of the IQAN-MC4x COUT.

The idea you had for setting a Digital Parameter in the application after completing the script on a particular machine should have worked, not sure why it didn't. 

Perhaps there was a problem with where you placed the measure action to measure the Digital Parameter. 

Try something like this: 

See attached example:  

Script runs once per machine.issx

I think that perhaps this feature might, , a set of functions for handling strings. 

For the change of color, I think this feature would be a nice way of solving it:

How are you connected to the system? 

Is it IQANrun for PC connected on the Ethernet port of the MD4? 

In that case, is the Diagnostic bus shared with other traffic? You could get a rough idea of the CAN bus utilization on the diagnostics bus by measuring in the system layout. 

I agree, the IQAN-MC41 should be perfect for this application. 

To send TSC1 out, the J1939 engine template in the solutions library would be a quick way of getting started. 

No, you can disable Warnings and Hints, but not Errors. 

If we had kept it as it was before fixing this, there would have been too much of a risk of just delaying the problem until the external function was updated.