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There was a server error on Saturday, but the server was still responding so the automatic check failed to see it, a colleague had to manually restart it. 

We are working on improving the server stability and automatic monitoring. 

Fixed in 6.00 

(will come in 5.05 also)

When moving a channel between function groups, it will keep its coordinates. 

I am guessing that is what you may be experiencing?

Fixed in IQANrun 6.00, will come in 5.05 also. 

Improved in IQANdesign 6.00, see

6.00 changes how one can implement outgoing multi-packet text, now it is done by adding a TPOUT channel to a JFOUT set to multi packet. This makes it possible to mix numerical values (JPOUT) and text strings in the same multi-packet message. 

For incoming J1939 messages with text, use JFIN set to multipacket combined with a TPIN. 

For generic CAN, the TPIN and TPOUT can be used ,with GFIN and GFOUT, if the text is sufficiently short to fit within a single CAN frame. 

Previous implementation was for MD4 circular bar.

In 6.00, full circle mode is also implemented on Gauge and Image Gauge

(this feature will come in 5.05 also)

Found and fixed. 

In IQANdesign 3.11 library image groups was duplicated on export/import. This was fixed in 3.12.

With IQANdesign 6.00, it is possible to delete these extra library image groups . This fix will come in 5.05 as well.

The reason was that the selection was still on the previous FSM.

Fixed in 6.00, same fix will come in 5.05

Improved DPI awareness in 6.00

The same fix will come in 5.05 release also (later release date)

Fixed in 6.00, see release notes:

47700MD4: Disabled adjust items adjusted from display page
The user could change value on an MD4 switch, slider and state picker even when it was grayed out due to disabled channel. Fixed, these are now completely grayed out.
Disabling via adjust item Enabled property also grays out these (only evaluated when entering a display page).