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No, there is no string conversion function available in the existing versions. It is one function I hope we could introduce in a future version, it would be quite useful.

One workaround I have suggested for a similar usage in another application was to also use an Integer Parameter and set that to the same value as the machine ID (assuming that the machine ID only contains digits).

All MD4:s produced with SN 1617280001 and later are loaded with version 3.19

Before this, version 3.16 was used.

On each display page, there is a property "Show", on transition from False to True on this property, the display page will be shown.

The USB-CAN interfaces from Kvaser, IXXAT and National Instruments support 500 kpbs.

The supported devices are listed here, it lists some specific models, but for example Kvaser has a lot more models that all use the same API and work with the IQAN tools :

About the original post from November 2015, that problem existed until 3.19.9, and could be triggered when the application contained a large font. That problem was fixed in 4.00.

I agree, applying a moving average filter before taking the derivative of the signal is a good way of making it less noisy.

Thanks Luke, it looks like this watchdog reset occurs very early during the startup. I have copied the information to a helpdesk case, as we might need to exchange some proprietary information to figure out if there is anything application specific that triggers this.

The solution will be that MD4:s are shipped from production with version 3.19. Unfortunately, there was a delay in implementing this in production, version 3.19 was not implemented in our production until March.

Luke, did you take a photo of how the bluescreen you got looked with version 4.02?