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For an example of Array usage in IQANdesign 4, one suggestion is to look at the Fork Lift MD4-10 example that installs with IQANdesign, you will find it here.

\Documents\IQAN Files\Examples\Fork lift\Fork Lift MD4-10.ids4

It is in the function group "Weight function"

Also the menu system texts have to be translated manually if you want multi-language in the menu system.

You find the option to make these texts multi-language under user interface, here:

The 'language code' option has a very limited effect on the application. What it does is that when connecting to the system with IQANrun, the IQANrun user can have a setting to use a primary and secondary language. If any of those languages are available in the application, it will switch over to that language when connecting IQANrun.

Yes, with the 32 bit float we use, you will be limited to 7 significant digits, so even though it can represent higher values, it cannot represent these values in an accurate way.

There is some more detail in the IQANdesign user manual:

For reading for example 32 bit GPS coordinates to IQAN with the JPIN channel, the scaling done in the JPIN works around this problem.

I agree, it would be useful to be able to have unsigned 32 bit also on calculation channels.

What communication interface are you using on the PC? Are you using CAN directly on the diagnostics bus that connect the MDL2 and MC2, or are you using USB connected to either the MDL2 or MC2?

What is the error message you get on the PC?

Do you see any "No contact" messages on the MDL2 display or in the MC2 log? This would indicate an interruption of the diagnostic messages between the MDL2 and MC2.

To me it sounds as if there may be an issue with signal quality that is causing the interruption, either on the diagnostic CAN bus, or if you are using USB to the PC, on that.

On the JFIN you have set the property Destination Address to "addressed to me", this means that it will look at the PGN being sent to the J1939 address you have set on the IQAN-MD4.

Instead, you must set the property Destination Address to 0, as that is what the 0x18A70012 indicates.

If you take your 3.18 and upgrade to version 4, it should set the DA on the JFIN automatically.

It also looks like there is a problem with the source address. The CAN trace shows that the message is from source address 0x12, 0x18A70012

This must then be the address of the J1939 module you assign this JFIN to in IQAN.

There is no method for directly opening a PDF fromt the IMSG button, but I think it could be a useful feature.

What you could do as a workaround is to use the result of the IMSG as a way to activate an IDC linked the "show" property on a display page, and have a link on that page to open the PDF.

As we concluded in our mail dialogue, the most probable cause is that it is related to startup with the 125 kbit/s CANopen nodes.

Hi Zach,

The PGN 42752 is in the PDU1 range, meaning it is a message that is sent to a specific node. In version 3, this was combined into the "PGN" property, and to see the destination address, one had to open up the window that showed it split out in the PF and PS part.

In version 3, that was quite confusing, for any desitnation address different from DA 0 (engine), the "PGN" property was changed.

In version 4, the destination address is instead a separate property. This means that the PGN you enter in version 4 is the actual PGN from the specification:

If you open your version 3 application with PGN 42752 in IQANdesign 4, it will set the destination address to 0, as that was how it was set in version 3. But if you just enter the PGN number, the default on the JFIN is to have the DA property set to "addressed to me".

"Addressed to me" means it will look at the master module source address. In the printscreens from your application, I cannot see what the property J1939 source address is set to for the master module.

Since your MD4 application is most probably not acting as the Engine in the system, it makes sense to change the JFIN DA to 0 to match the PGN 42752, rather than changing the MD4 J1939 source address to zero.

As you are writing that the address the message is coming from is 39 (0x27, management computer), it could makes sense to have this MD4 property for J1939 source address set to something different than 39. But I am not so sure about that, the CAN trace you have shows that the PGN 42752 is coming from the source address, 0x12, or 18 in decimal, meaning "fuel system" in J1939.

To read this message, you should then also set the J1939 module in IQANdesign to match this source address.