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The change that affect the startup image in portrait mode is from version 4.00, the way the startup image is handled was rewritten, to avoid showing the Parker logo when updating the software. Case 26887 "Avoid showing Parker logo when updating MD4 application".

The workaround to rotate the image 90° left works. One issue with the workaround is that IQANdesign will show a Warning for "Image is too big".

For the logo on startup, I have tried in with a few different applications, and normally the startup image is showing up as long as it is within the dimensions of the screen. The startup image does not look at display orientation property, so there seems to be a problem showing a full-size image in portrait mode. Perhaps this is the reason?

For the dialog saying that you need 3.17 or higher, we made some preparations already in version 3 to be able to upgrade to version 4. Unfortunately, the introduction of this in production was late, so we were still building with 3.16 as late as in March. For now, one would need to do it as a two stage process, first sending a blank 3.17, 3.18 or 3.18 to the MD4, and then sending the actual application in 4.02.

No, unfortunately there is no process for reworking the old MD4 circuit boards to the new design that does not have this issue.

A quick response is, Yes, this is the 4:1 "internal error /OSE", the start of the blink code is the four red followed by one yellow, the yellow flashes that follows indicate in which part of the embedded software the problem is seen.

Looking into this.

There are too few digits in that serial number, you should see a SN with ten digits.

The first two digits are year, (e.g. 15 for year 2015), the two digits that come after are calendar week.

One comment on this is that with 80 ARC channels, each with a size of 100 , you will not be able to use the property store value. The settings memory (FRAM) is 32 kB, and the amount available to the application is 29 kB. Ten array channels with size 100 takes and the property store value use about 4 kB of the settings memory. Using eighty of those would make you run out of the available settings memory.

If you only do not use the property store value, then the values are only stored in RAM, and that is less of an issue for an MD4. The most likely problem is the cycle utilization, but this is much harder to evaluate.

What you can do is to set the backlight to 0% (Using the Backlight control on the MD4 display pages properties), this will reduce the current consumption some.

But an MD4-7 with 24V supply will still consume about 300 mA with 0% backlight (compared to about 500 mA with 100% backlight)

Posted another IQANdesign tutorial video, this one is on limiting objects:

It also shows how to use a J1939 engine from the solution library

No, the only way to see how the translated texts appear on the display pages is to run the application in simulation (or on a real master)

The IQANdesign solution library files install here:

\Documents\IQAN Files\Solution Library\

the one for taking IQAN date and time and sending it as J1939 Time/ Date Adjust is named:

J1939 set time.ids4