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Do you mean solution libraries or external files? 

You can leave your external files (.idex) saved in version 5, and use them in version 6.

You can also leave the project files (.idax, .idsx) that you add  as additional solutions via the library manager as version 5, and use them in version 6. 

But new and upgraded solutions that we add in the solutions library that comes with version 6 cannot be downgraded to  version 5. 

I checked and found a crash report from another user that sounds as if it could be the same issue. 

When you get the crash, do you get a dialog box with a button for send bug report? 

If so, could you press that button to submit it? This will contain some info that might help us find out what the problem is. 

Currently, there is no phase-out plan for the MD3, MC2, XA2 or XS2.

The MD3 and XA2/XS2 are among our highest volume products, with the majority of IQAN users having at least one of these running in full production.

When they eventually do enter phase-out (it will happen at some point), there will be an official phase out period spanning over several years.

What we are trying to achieve by not including these in the IQANdesign 6 release are two things:

-one is to give the message that one shouldn't base any new machine designs on MD3, MC2, XA2 or XS2, and instead go for the MD4, MC4x and XC4x series

-the other is to give a heads-up saying that these are mature products, and do this in good time before we go into phase-out, to allow machine designers as much time as possible to start thinking about updates on machines designed using MD3/MC2/XA2/XS2.

To support existing designs, the version 5.x branch will live on in parallel with version 6, with new 5.x versions containing bug fixes and a subset of the feature updates from 6.x.

Thanks for the feedback David

I believe this one should be possible to add in IQANdesign 5.x also, I know it is  an important function for displaying the engine diagnostic information.

By the way, this will come in 5.05 also. The move of the properties also gives the option to use a different bitrate on pages with video miniatures, enabling smoother video streams. 

There was a server error on Saturday, but the server was still responding so the automatic check failed to see it, a colleague had to manually restart it. 

We are working on improving the server stability and automatic monitoring. 

Fixed in 6.00 

(will come in 5.05 also)

When moving a channel between function groups, it will keep its coordinates. 

I am guessing that is what you may be experiencing?

Fixed in IQANrun 6.00, will come in 5.05 also. 

Improved in IQANdesign 6.00, see

6.00 changes how one can implement outgoing multi-packet text, now it is done by adding a TPOUT channel to a JFOUT set to multi packet. This makes it possible to mix numerical values (JPOUT) and text strings in the same multi-packet message. 

For incoming J1939 messages with text, use JFIN set to multipacket combined with a TPIN. 

For generic CAN, the TPIN and TPOUT can be used ,with GFIN and GFOUT, if the text is sufficiently short to fit within a single CAN frame.