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When the JPIN property for J1939 Error check is set to No, the full value range is used. When set to Yes, it uses the default J1939 range for indicating not available and error. 

I think there are two ways this could be done. 

Either automatically adding a math channel for every GPIN that have scaling and offset set.

Or import these as JPIN with J1939 error check set to zero. The later method would have the advantage of generating fewer channels, saving memory and cycle time for the application.

No, there is no built in support for DM3 or DM11.

But you shouldn't have to cycle the module to clear an open load error. Cycling the output should be enough. There is some detail on the output status shown in IQANdesign here,

Also see the IQANdesign solutions library example on this, 

The solutions library example is quite small, most of it consists of comments on performance limitations. One reason to not log too frequently is that it could wear on the flash memory. 

Strange. I noticed the add button is still visible, but it doesn't do anything. 

Adding via the right click menu is grayed out. 

Do you know how you manged to do this?

The 6.01 of the apps are now released, the ability to connect from the IQANrun tablet app to a remote system is now back. 

The 6.01 of the apps are now released, this has a new firmware for the IQAN-G11, version 1.10, that solves the issue in the previous version.