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Previous implementation was for MD4 circular bar.

In 6.00, full circle mode is also implemented on Gauge and Image Gauge

(this feature will come in 5.05 also)

Found and fixed. 

In IQANdesign 3.11 library image groups was duplicated on export/import. This was fixed in 3.12.

With IQANdesign 6.00, it is possible to delete these extra library image groups . This fix will come in 5.05 as well.

The reason was that the selection was still on the previous FSM.

Fixed in 6.00, same fix will come in 5.05

Improved DPI awareness in 6.00

The same fix will come in 5.05 release also (later release date)

Fixed in 6.00, see release notes:

47700MD4: Disabled adjust items adjusted from display page
The user could change value on an MD4 switch, slider and state picker even when it was grayed out due to disabled channel. Fixed, these are now completely grayed out.
Disabling via adjust item Enabled property also grays out these (only evaluated when entering a display page).

Fixed in 6.00, see release notes

47996MD4 adjust menu: parameter adjust limited to 99999.99
IP can now be adjusted up to 2 000 000 000.
FP can be adjusted up to 20 000 000.

Fixed issue with importing, see

47782Errors when importing DBC files
For motorola byte order the DBC file was interpreted incorrectly causing the offset to be wrong.

In the vector dbc tool it is possible to use motorola byte order for parameters spanning over multiple bytes without being byte aligned. This is not possible in IQAN. Added a check for this when opening the dbc. A dialog is shown stating that some signals was not imported if such signals are found.

Added as property on DM1IN channel, default value when upgrading an application is False, change this to True make the MDGN:s blink according to the DM1 flash.

Available in 6.00