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Sounds as if you are building your own DM1 decoder. Could you use the built-in DM1 functionality? 

If the problem is populating the texts and you have SPN numbers and corresponding text in a spreadsheet, then you could use the  import SPN/FMI function on the DM1 channel:

With this method, one SPN channel is generated for each SPN number in your spreadsheet. Convenient, but using quite a bit of memory. 

Another drawback with this existing method is that you need to know all SPN numbers at design time to create SPN channels that generate individual popup messages.  

But it is not always necessary to add all,  the  IQAN-MD4 DM1 viewer and DM2 viewer will list also unknown SPN:s.

Also see discussion about improving DM1 decoding here:

Currently there is no function for this, the page mask is a fixed value.

I see no possibility for changing the JFIN/GFIN page masks in runtime. Maybe a future feature could use an initialization parameter, but that could by quite tricky too. There is a feature request along the same lines here, I'll merge your topic with that:

IQANsimulate will ask you for a project file password when you first start the simulation. 

If you use the limited access password here, you only get to see the system layout and modules. 

If you use the full access password here, you also get access to viewing the application logic.

In the case the full and limited access passwords happen to be identical, you get limited access. 

The Add password dialog that comes next, if you choose to save it, the enter project password dialog won't pop up the next time. 

To change the password afterwards to get view acess, open the password manager in IQANsimulate. 

You can then 

-either delete the line with the limited access passord for this project. The next time you open the project in IQANsimulate again, you get the Enter project password dialog again. 

-or copy the IQANsimulate public key, and use IQANdesign function for Create safe password. Same method that is used to distribute passwords to your service organization. Tick the box for "Allow application viewing".  

I recommend that you contact the OEM to get this. For an IQANdesign user it is very quick to start IQANdesign 2 and make a minimal .ida file with just an MDL2. But the OEM may have specific routines for machine updates that you should follow, so you should talk to them. 

As you can see it when the simulation is stopped, you should be able to untick the box for "Use different window size when simulating". When this option isn't ticked, the IQANsimulate window will use the same position and size when simulating as that it has when editing. 

If you mark a function group and chose File-Export - Export components, you get a file containing that function group along with measure groups, adjust items and adjust groups that were connected in the original application. 

You can then select File -Import to add this to your new project file. 

Note that even though these channels and adjust item appear the same, they are copies. 

If you were to take this new project file and send it to a master with the old project file, the settings are cleared and replaced by application defaults. Since both the Project ID and the individual component ID:s differ. 

Sure, I edited the forum topic and changed it from question to feature request idea. 

Let's see if more users like the idea of using the reference channel and give it some up-votes.