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Sure, I edited the forum topic and changed it from question to feature request idea. 

Let's see if more users like the idea of using the reference channel and give it some up-votes. 

If you use IQANdesign for sending, and have the option "Save before send" ticked (default), then the project checksum will be changed. 

My recommendation is to use IQANrun for sending project files in serial production, and only use sending via IQANdesign during development. 

A really good way of keeping a record of what was delivered for each individual machine is to make a small production script, with a few operations: send project, set machine ID and get clone. 

That is a very quick way of getting a folder with a clone for each machine you deliver. 

Yes, every time you update the file in any way in IQANdesign, the checksum changes.

You can see the project checksum in Project Statistics in IQANdesign:

To see the project checksum without opening the file, the application must be prepared for it. You can add a system information channel that reads out the Project checksum. This could for example be shown as system info text:

In a multi-master system, you can set one or more masters to be optional. 

This can be set on any master except the headmaster, the module with address 0. 

If the MD4 is optional and the MC42 is standard, you can set the MC42 to address 0. This will be a limitation for the connectivity security properties. The option "Ask user" on the properties "allow remote connection" and "allow remote stop" will only work if the headmaster (that manage the connection) has a display. 

Changing the connectivity properties to "always" could be risky, but you could instead use an IDC to determine if the machine is in state where remote connection via IQANconnect-phone-G11 is acceptable. 

An IDC for controlling connectivity has to be on the headmaster, so that module must always be present in the system. 

Showing the reference channel is only implemented on IQANrun for PC. 

It hasn't been implemented in the tablet version of IQANrun. 

(or the MD4 menu system, see this post

When you choose to save the full access password or limited access password in IQANdesign/IQANrun, it ends up in the password database. 

For the password database in IQANdesign and IQANrun to work, the Project ID must match. 

To open the project file after changing the Project ID, you must enter the clear-text password again. 

It seems to be something to do with labels that are part of a group. 

I noticed that to get these to align right, I had to click on the button for horizontal align left, before clicking on the button for horizontal align right. 

It sounds as if it could be the same issue. Thanks to the information Florent provided, we managed to find a problem that can occur when measuring on CAN in multi-master systems. It is timing dependent and only happens in some applications. 

There will be a fix in 5.07 and 6.02

For an idea of changing colors without duplicating overlapping value controls, there is an idea here: