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Multi-packet support JFIN/JFOUT implemented in IQANdesign 6.00

Multi-packet is now supported on JFIN/JFOUT, implemented in IQANdesign 6.00

We have seen this when the system status is combined with a Check action.

Will be fixed in 6.00 and 5.05

A function for exporting the IQANdesign channel to a DBC as Nick suggest would be a nice addition.

But for licensing reasons, we can't really make a function for exporting the SAE J1939 database that is embedded within IQANdesign. 

I think the best way to work is to have DBC for the manufacturer proprietary PGN:s, and use the built-in database for the standard PGN:s.

No, the DLC will always be 8 bytes for a JFOUT. 

The only J1939 message that will go out with another DLC is the request (RQST PGN 59904, DLC 3) that you send out by using the "poll trigger" on the JFIN. 

The request PGN is the only J1939 message I know of that has a DLC that isn't 8. 

Interesting. The MD4 low-side digital out is only checking for voltage to diagnose off state open load, I cannot see how this would cause the buzzer to give a noise. 

The leakage current is quite small, less than 200 uA, but I wonder if this could be enough make the buzzer give this sound. 

If you choose another resistor, the current supply needed for the RTC sets the limit on how high the resistance can be. 

You'd want to minimize head dissipation in the resistor, so higher resistance is better as long as it doesn't limit the current too much for the RTC. 

The Appendix A info sets the limits:

The MD4 RTC needs about 3.7 mA in a 24 V system, meaning the resistance shouldn't be higher than 24V/3.7mA = 6.5 kOhm.