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A suggestion to start with is to check if the Diagnostics bus in the system layout is the same as what you have physically wired. 

Also, if you have a separate Master bus for APPOUT/APPIN, check if the wiring on this matches your application. 

I took the liberty of chaining title to "JFOUT multi-packet for handling text strings", as the JFOUT implementation would have to be a specific implementation conforming to the J1939 transport protocol for messages > 8 bytes. 

Should hopefully make it more clear what one is voting for with this topic. 

There is a workaround, if you use a channel to trigger the PCC, then you get the spinner dialog box, this shows Header and Text also on the MD4. 

But I agree, this should be added to the keypad style PIN code popup also. 

On the MC4 platform, it is the MC43 that has dedicated LED low-side drivers.

On the Digital out HS, the undercurrent detection can be disabled, but the leakage current for off-state open load detection will cause an LED to glow. 

On the Digital out HS + LS, the undercurrent detection is not possible to disable, as the load is < 60 mA it will trigger an open load error when activating. 

It is still important to use a good ground connection, but it it is more critical on analog sensors connected to e.g. VIN, where even a small ground voltage potential difference influence the value you read. 

For a digital input with a pull-up, you have more margins for a signal change, what is important is that the voltage on the input is below the logic low level when the switch is closed. The instruction book specifies -BAT which should be good enough; if the switch is connected to chassis ground you are more likely to get an incorrect reading.

There is no property on the Report script action for hiding the report page. 

What you could do with existing functionality is to use the Report text script action to add texts to one combined report, that serve as delimiter for the smaller sub-sections you step through. 

I can convert the topic to a feature idea if you want? 

Good idea, I have had a few cases where this would have been handy. With a run-time adjustable parameter it would have been impossible to achieve, but if it is set only during initialization (constant channel) it might be doable.