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It depends on the supply voltage and the resistance on the inputs. 

The values on the DIN pull down resistors are specified on the line Input impedance in Appendix A

Your solution for switches rated at only 2mA is to supply them with 5V and connect to any DIN input pin, the lowest value is 6.8kOhm => 5V/6.8kOhm=0.73mA

If you have to supply the switches with battery voltage, you are limited to using the higher impedance inputs, the DIN:s sharing pins with VIN:s.

The MDGN for module SN is of value type text, and in existing versions, there are no operations for handling text channels, these can can only be shown on the IQAN master displays, be stored in the logs and shown in IQANrun when measuring.

Module SN can be requested over J1939 using PGN 65259 since version 3.14, but if there was some string handling functions that could be used as an alternative approach. 

I added a separate feature request post about string functions here,

there are a few similar topics that would be helped by that I think.

I moved the question to MC4, as I am assuming this is the modules you are asking about? 

In the IQAN-MC4x user manaul, we have documented parallel connection of high side outputs when used as DOUT. 

The same configuration of pins when configured as PWM out is not listed. 

If you limit the parallel connections to these pin combination (e.g. OUT_31 in parallel with OUT_32) , make sure the PWM frequency is set identical, and ensure the two PWM out channels command the same MR (use the same input and the same min, max and slopes), then running them in parallel should work. 

But I have not seen any test results on this connection. 

The XA2 frequency inputs are fitted with pull-down resistors, so they require the sensor to be PNP (sourcing) or push-pull.


Unfortunately not, with the existing IQANdesign versions the channels with value type text can only be used on IQAN master display pages, be saved to the logs, viewed in IQANrun and be sent as text messages over a modem. 

Some added string handling functions is one of the features we are looking at adding in a later 5.x, I think it could become quite useful.

What you could try if you need to show project name or project version info on a non-IQAN module in the system is to perform a request for the PGN 65242

The IQAN master module Software Identification (65242) contains 5 strings
  Project name
  Project version
  Project id
  Project checksum
  vmAC version

Up until version 5.00, a J1939 request for software identification is blocked if you have a JFIN with 59904 on that module in the application, but in 5.01 we are modifying this so that the request for software identification is always responded to.

The reason that the power low-sides are only possible to control as part of a COUT or a DOUT HS+LS is the internal diode. See section "Low-side switch type 1 outputs" in the IQAN-MC4x user manual:

Since the purpose in your application seems to be an interface to another controller, one option could be to use an IQAN-MC43 with its Low side switch type 2 outputs. 

For the request about marking the DIN pull-up /pull-down in the MC4x block diagrams, this is being planned for 5.01

This is probably the same issue causing IQANdesign 4.07.14 to crash also, a display page referring to itself (has itself set as base page) will cause 4.07.12 and 4.07.14 project check to crash, while it should only produce a project check hint. 


Could you open the project file in 4.07.7 and check if you have a project check hint for "refers to itself" on one of the display pages? 

We found that with 4.07.12 and 4.07.14 the project check does not handle this, and so it will crash when performing e.g. save, project check or simulation. It is not MD3 specific, it happens on MD4:s also. 

Are you running IQANsimulate 4.07.5 (original release) or 4.07.6 (the one released together with IQANdesign 4.07.12)?

I tried both but could not get the MD3 simulation to crash using on any of them.