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I like this idea, it could make the buttons more visible.
As it is today, the Active color is adjustable via the theme color properties, and all buttons are transparent when inactive.

I have received information about similar symptoms, MD4 bluescreen, in a couple of other applications too. Your observation that it seems to have come when minimum cycle time for the MD4 was dropped to 10 ms in 3.16 matches what I have seen on those other applications, but I am not sure. It has been seen on versions 3.16, 3.17 and 3.18.

The symptom is a bluescreen, and on there it is a name of a driver and the text “HB warning low”. It indicates that one software driver has not deliverd heartbeat on time, so the safety monitoring kicks in and stops the MD4. Afterwards, you may also find this “HB warning low” in the system log.

We are working on solving this for 3.19, but so far we have not been able to reproduce the issue with a realistically sized application. What we have seen during testing of 3.19 is that a high utilization test application that bluesceen in 3.18 will continue to operate without problem in 3.19, so the fixes we are working on look promising.

This could be a nice option. On text parameters, the way they are entered now is via a touch keyboard

For adjusting e.g. function parameters, I am guessing it would be an option if they should be adjusted wtih +/- buttons or if a popup number pad should show up. Or alternatively, clicking on the value to get a popup or a second page with the numeric touchpad.


I spoke to a system integrator in the UK who saw this post, and he described an issue he just noticed with the ECNT reset value changing in the actual project file. I was not able to reproduce any issue when just sending the project file, but I found one thing that happens when getting the project file.

If you are using the Send/Get options dialog, you will get an option to override your application default values with the adjustable values when Getting a project file from a system.

If the box Import adjustable values is ticked, then application defaults will be overriden by adjustable values on those channels that are of type "adjustable". This includedes e.g. COUT, VIN and FP (the ones that have factory defaults, list on p. 228 in user manual).

This option should not override default values on channels that are of type "stored", e.g. MEM, TMR, ECNT. (list on p. 230 in user manual)

But when I try this here now, it turns out that since IQANdesign version 3.12, choosing to Import adjustable values from a system will import also the ECNT value. Version 3.11 and earlier does not import values to ECNT.
I think this is a bug.

Ok, that explains it at least. With the function as it is working right now, the top and bottom objects are not moved.
It depends on what the purpose of the 3000 Hz output is. Is this for driving a solenoid valve that
needs a very smooth ripple?
On the IQAN-XT2, the COUT:s work very differently compared to the other modern modules, the current is controlled with a high frequency PWM (don't remember the exact frequency), and the dither is added as a sinusoidal signal on top of that. The dither on an XT2 can be set to 25-150 Hz, but if you set the amplitude all the way down to zero, eliminating the dither.
I see in the printscreen of the application that a clearing channel is used for the MD4 system log.
But I assueme the log is not showing that it has been cleared, you do have other events still in there, right?
It is possible that the log does not capture events where the logging condition is on for only a very brief period, if the cycle utilization is high. But the CAN critical is a sticky error, so this error will stay on until the power is cycled, and therefore there should be enough time to capture the event and write it to the log.

The MD4 will display error messages from any of the master modules on the bus, so one thought is that it could have been a message from one of the MC3:s. If it was not for the fact that the error is saying Diagnostic bus CAN error, with this error, nothing can be sent on the bus, so it has to be on the MD4 that the CAN controller for this bus got into the bus-off state.

What do mean by having this issue on all message errors? Does not any of the errors get logged?

For some general hints about understanding the error message "CAN bus error", it is worth looking back at this previous question again: