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Hi Zach,
For the control of a state via both drop down (state picker) and buttons for next/previous, try the attached file:
state picker and next-previous.ids3
The trick here is to make use of the MEM channel value type, by connecting a State Parameter as the input to the MEM, the MEM get value type State. The MEM can now be adjusted via the state picker.
You can now also use the Activating function in the MEM to replace its valve with the value from the State Parameter, this value comes directly from the ECNT. This way the MEM value will be modified by the buttons for next/previous.
The final part is that the ECNT is reset if there is a change in the MEM when there is no button input. This way you know there state was changed using the state picker. The reset value for the ECNT is the new state number.

Hi Kerim,

There is a quite big difference in the leakage current for DOUT-A to DOUT-C compared to DOUT-D to DOUT-E.
DOUT-D to DOUT-E are designed to work with smaller loads and to work with LED:s where a low leakage current is needed.

You can find the specified leakage current in the Appendix A of the MC3 instruction book:
Interesting. I did some quick checking about that rule, and I believe that the rule that you must register the IMEI within a certain time period is specific Turkish legislation. Some info (about normal cell phones for personal use) here:

I have never heard of this being an issue in any other European country.
The RS232 modem (IQAN-G1) is not possible to use with the MD4, but you can use the IQAN-G2 and have the same SMSOUT functionality.
In the IQAN mounting and maintenence instruction book, we actually recommend using Un-Shielded Twisted Pair, with 40 twists per meter.
Using shield could be good, but if done in the wrong way it might just as well cause problems.

SAE has one publication on 250 Kbps, Un-Shielded Twisted Pair, SAE J1939-15
and one publicatiion on 250 Kbps, Twisted Shielded Pair, SAE J1939-11

Hi Frederick,

Normally, the network operator for the SIM card should not matter when using the IQAN-G2 modem, the only requirement should be to use it in a network with GPRS, and have the modem correctly configured.
With that said, I have seen at least one case recently where there was problems with unstable connections that was thought to be realted to the APN for one specific operator. When we changed to a different APN at the same network operator, it worked.

About the comercial question of Proemion costs, I'll ask someone to contact you about that.
An additional note, it is planned for 4.00 to add this as a property on the TSC1 channel to be able to send checksum and counter.