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If an application is just updated from version 4 to IQANdesign 5, it will use up almost the exact amount of RAM. 

(I just did a small test myself, and saw on 6KB difference on an almost maxed out IQAN-MC43 application)

What IQANdesign 5 could possible help with is to structure the handling of machine variants differently. 

It is very hard to say anything about general about how to optimize the memory utilization of an application, but the starting point should always be to look at which function groups it is in the statistics that takes up most of the memory. 

There are also IQAN training's arranged by Parker in the Netherlands. There are scheduled events for IQAN Creative Studio, both a basic and continuation levels. 

The IQAN-MD4 DOUT function for detecting open load works in the state when the output is off. 

The MD4 DOUT:s are low-side drivers, and to detect open load they measure voltage on the pin. When there is a load connected there should be a voltage on the pin, if this voltage is to low it will be seen as an open load.  

What voltage level do you supply the relay coils with? 

No, on the IQAN-MD4 you will need to make the copy mode from the menu system, on the first list of adjust groups.  

It is possible to trigger a copy mode from IQANscript, but then you would of course need to have IQANrun connected to the system to run the script. 

Reducing the backlight will reduce the current consumption of the MD4, so that is a good idea. 

Under MD4 display pages, there is a property for controlling the backlight with a channel. 

The other option is to use the screen saver options in the display settings. 

I checked with my colleges in Canada and in the US, and they will contact you about this unit (if they have not done so already, I am a few days late)

Thank you for the very detailed description of the issue.

I do no know what could cause this symptom, but my recommendation is to send the IQAN-MD4 for investigation/repair. 

No, unfortunately I still do not know why some of the fonts with CJK characters do not work on the MD4, or have any recommendations about a smaller font to use.

For the two new issues you are describing:

When the language reverted from Chinese to English, do you think that might have been after connecting with IQANrun or IQANsync to the MD4? IQANrun has an option for preferred primary language and preferred secondary language. This IQANrun function will change language in the master module automatically when connecting.

I have never seen a display only partially loading its texts. Do you have any more details on this?

For the comment about deleting English language from the application, you cannot delete the default language, but you can change the name and all texts to have another language as default. But this won't help with the MD4 start-up time, a language using a large font will still take several seconds to load.

The alarm for memory utilization will only show up if the System Information Channel for memory utilization is in the application and enabled. To avoid seeing it during normal operation, you can place this system information channel in a function group that you only enable when you log in as developer.

Disabling the channel will also prevent the log record in the system log.