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There is a mistake in the minimum android version, it say 2.3 on google play, but the minimum version is 4.4
The APPIN does not have this feautre on the Name property, but I was thinking that it could be an easier way of solving the request.
Compare it with e.g. the automatic value on Name on e.g. an I/O channel, MDGN, display control or adjust item, where you have the little "chain" symbol to set if the Name should be linked to an automatic value.

An alternative could be to have the "automatic value" on the Name property of the APPIN (like you have for e.g. the I/O) ?
Good idea, I find that it is easy to make changes and forget to update the version number in project properties.
A hint for getting unique identification of the version of the project file could be to look at the Project Checksum.
This is not incremental like a build number is, but it is automatically recalculated for any change you make to the Project file.

Hope your hand is ok!
Hi Frederick,
For the problem with the VREF on the MC3 not showing on the MD4, the VREF error may not have been seen as a popup on the MD4 if it was present at boot-up, if you were using 3.15 or earlier. This was solved in IQANdesign version 3.16
24023 MD4 do not show errors from other master modules on startup
Could happen if another master module sends out error messages before the MD4 GUI is up and running. Fixed.

For the isseue with the MC31 block diagram mapping, it would have made sense if you downloaded, then rearranged the block diagram and started measuring without sending. This because measuring works based on channel ID:s, and they don't change when rearranging. But it sounds as if this was not the case here.
When you had the issue on version 3.15, I assume this was not a beta but the relesed version 3.15.16?

Glad you like the MD4 routing function!
There should be, but there seeems to have been a problem with all the 3D models not showing up on for the last couple of days