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To get an even better view of the error range, you can also put the VIN in a simulation group.
Now when switching to the raw value range that Arno shown, you also see the raw value, e.g. 198mV. In IQANdesign you will see the corresponding sclaed value (e.g. % for the joystick)

The No contact error is triggered when there is a timeout for any of the CAN modules connected to the IQAN master.
You could for example get this error if you switch of power to one of the modules, or if the CAN wires are cut.
The IQAN master will be able to recover from this fault during operation, if it was just a timeout, the communication will resume when the module starts responding on the CAN bus again.

CAN critical means that the IQAN-MC3 CAN controller has gone into bus-off. When the IQAN-MC3 has gone into bus-off, this CAN bus will stay switched of until the IQAN-MC3 is switched off and back on again.
The CAN critical comes from faults on a lower level, it is a consequence of too many incorrect CAN frames on the bus in a short time.
Physical problems like shorting of CAN wires would cause this, for such errors the effect would be almost instant (when there is traffic on the bus)
Lack of proper termination could cause this.
Too long drop-lines could cause this.
Setting the wrong baudrate on one of the nodes would case this, also this case would be almost instant.
If two nodes send out messages with the same ID on the bus, then you could have this.
If you connected your IQAN module to another module with incorrect bit-timing this error could be the result, but that would be a severe design flaw on that module, I would not expect that in the field.
Significant voltage potential differences between CAN nodes could cause this, if there is bad grounding between the modules and large loads switching on and off that could case intermittent problems like this. From expericence, this is the one thing I would recommend focusing on if you see a mix of both CAN critical errors and No contact errors in the log.

It can be quite tricky to know the root cause just from the error message, as almost all the problems that could give CAN critical may also cause the No contact error. If one module in the system switches off with a CAN critical error code, the other nodes expecting information from this node will get a No contact with that module.
In 4.00, you will be able to have multiple IQANdesign windows open at the same time.
Will this solve the request, or are you looking more for a highlighting function, like in the text-based comparison?
Not in the existing versions of IQANdesign, these fields are set as Not available (all bits set to 1)
To avoid having the button Active color overwriting the Text Label, the Label should be placed after the button in the display page order.

One way to implement this is to just have one fixed text label that is always visible. Then it will be slightly different from the Text button text, that automatically changes color with the state of the button.

To replicate that exact behavior with text labels, you will need two text labels, and control visibility on both of them.

See attached example:
Text buttons with labels.ids3
Yes, this is possible. To make the ISO symbols work on the MD3, they must be specified as BMP.

When using a BMP on the MD3, it will be automatically compressed, so size of the image is not that much of an issue.
For the MD4 however, the original file format is kept, and on the MD4 is best to always use PNG.

Although you do specifiy a file format for the ISO sympols, the option to export the images from the project file is grayed out by IQANdesign for these images. This is due to license restrictions.
Hi Axel,
I checked, and my question about version was not that relevant, the settings for the touchdriver has not changed with any IQANdesign SW version.
Do you have any indication of how much noise you get from this generator?
The IQAN-MD4 is tested for electrical transient conducted along supplylines using ISO 7637-2, level 3.
I checked, the maximum voltage that the MC2 VREF is can measure is 6.6V.
If it is shorted to a voltage above 6.6V, it will still report 6.6 in the VREF error. In this case, I suspect that the VREF has been shorted to the 12 V.
Correct, a local fault on the IQAN-MC2 will be reported to the IQAN-MD4 even it the MDGN for MC2 VREF has not been added to the application.
There are no known bugs related to the reporting of module diagnostic faults.

From the MD4 menu system, you should be able to go into the MC2 log and see when the VREF error occured. You can also go in and check the measured value on the MC2 VREF via Info-Modules. (on the current version of sofware, the MD4 only gets the value from the MC2 when you enter the module info page)

I would guess that the MC2 VREF has been shorted to some other signal. I think that the VREF has an upper limit on the voltage it is reporting, even if it is shorted to a higher voltage. I'll check what that level is.
Thanks for the infromation update, knowing that it is MD4-7 loaded from IQANdesign 3.15.16 gives us the information about the firmware for the touchdriver.