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That is very interesting.
What model of IQAN-MD4 is it, is this the MD4-7 or the MD4-5?
What software version are you using on the MD4? (paramters in the firmware for the touch driver affects its sensitivity for responding to touch events)
I like this idea. The automatic increment could probably be based on number of saves since you changed the manual version. Since there is no build of the project file, the number of saves could fit the same purpose for version tracking. Adding something else, such as total number of days since created (like for the IQAN PC tools) could increase the chances of having a unique incremental number.
By clicking on the "broken chain link" symbol next to the name, your IO channels should be getting an automatic name.

Below an example with an MDGN:

For most I/O the automatic name is just a default, so you would most probably not benefit from using it on I/O. But for an APPOUT or APPIN; something like this could probably save some time.

The other idea is something we have also been cosidering, some sort of "Replace-function" in IQANdesign, to have a quick function to replace one channel with another without having to rearrange all references.

Good point. As you said, in evaluation mode there is a limitation that the tools are limited to simulaton only.

Another limitation is the evaluation period, that also the possibility to simulate expires after 30 days of active use (not calendar days), but this is one limitation we are about to remove.
There is a mistake in the minimum android version, it say 2.3 on google play, but the minimum version is 4.4
The APPIN does not have this feautre on the Name property, but I was thinking that it could be an easier way of solving the request.
Compare it with e.g. the automatic value on Name on e.g. an I/O channel, MDGN, display control or adjust item, where you have the little "chain" symbol to set if the Name should be linked to an automatic value.

An alternative could be to have the "automatic value" on the Name property of the APPIN (like you have for e.g. the I/O) ?
Good idea, I find that it is easy to make changes and forget to update the version number in project properties.
A hint for getting unique identification of the version of the project file could be to look at the Project Checksum.
This is not incremental like a build number is, but it is automatically recalculated for any change you make to the Project file.