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For adjust items with a single value of type real, integer, boolean or state, what you can do is to place say a slider, switch or state picker display control on a display page, and then have the property Show on this display page activated on by internal logic.

For adjust items with more than one value (e.g. VIN), there would have to be a button on that display page to bring you to the adjust item.

That is also the way to do it for a Text Parameter, it is possible to make a shortcut to the adjust item via a button on the display page.

It is not really an answer to the question of why the IQAN-MC42 PWM frequency is 71-500 Hz, but the lower limit of 71 Hz is actually what the IQAN-MC31 (and MC3) has too.

Not every frequency you can enter in IQANdesign 4 is possible to generate.

For IQAN-MC31, the possible dither frequencies are listed in Appendix A :

The range check in IQANdesign you see for MC3 and MC31 match the widest possible values for an IQAN-XA2

This table from the XA2 hardware manual gives an overview of how frequencies entered in IQANdesign are set to an actual frequency the module can generate.

May I ask what type of valves it is you are using that needs 32 Hz and 50 Hz?

I looked at the user manual for the device you are trying to connect, and it appears as if the PGN numbers and Source Address for the actuator are not set correctly.

From the printscreens, I can see that you are using IQANdesign version 2, in version 3 (which was the last version that had the phase-out MDL2), the source address for messages sent by the IQAN master is set on the master module instead of on the bus-symbol. This might be a reason for the confusion about source address. In the application, you have set source address 40 on the J1939 module for the actuator, J1939 defines 40 as the default address for "Cab Display #1", so that does not look right.

I could not see any clear information about default source address for the actuator, but in the example they are showing SA 200 (0xC8). I suggest you try with this.

The user manual for the actuator also shows that PGN 65280 (Proprietary B) is used for sending status information. To read this information, enter 65280 as the PGN property on the JFIN channel, and assign the channel to the J1939 node.

The user manual for the actuator states that commands to the actuator is sent to it using Proprietary A message, PGN 61184 (0xEF00). This is the type of J1939 message that include destination in the identifier.

In IQANdesign version 4, you get a separate property for DA when you have entered this type of PDU1 PGN, on this DA property assigned module is the default.

I really think you should use a different IQAN master than the MDL2 for this application. The MDL2 has been in phase-out for the last couple of years, and is now mainly used as spare part.

An IQAN-MD4-7 could for example be a much better choice:

For anyone seeing the about IQAN-MC43 blink code, this new post turned out to be a reverse feed on startup on IQAN-MC43. These modules detect reverse feed on startup and prevent the application from running, showing the blink 4 red 3 yellow, described as 4:3 critical stop in the Appendix V

I forgot about this question when publishing the new training dates, here:

We will be running a 2-day training on functional safety covering IQAN-MC3, IQAN-MC4xFS and working with the EN 13849-1 standard next month, May 16-17th

There is also a training on IQANscript that same week, May 18th.

More details here:

The bluetooth connection in IQANrun/IQANdesign for windows is coming, but it will be sometime after 5.00

I saw this too. Yes, the state picker behavior it is the same behavior in IQANsimulate and on the actual IQAN-MD4. It is not necessary to restart the module, but you do have to switch to another display page and back for the list of names in the state picker to be updated.