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In addition to the system information channel for active display page that David mentioned, you may also want to monitor Menu system open using a second system information channel.

In case the operator is able to enter the menu system from that display page, the active display page will still be at the value it was when entering the menu system, so then it is good to monitor both.

The reason the date and time format can be different in different languages is the option to make time format and date format multi-language under the user interface localization property.

I wonder if you for some reason have gotten the incorrect characters you see on the MD4 display page entered in the date format for Norwegian and Dutch

Time format

h = hour, m = minute, s = second, t = am or pm
h = 12 hour, H = 24 hour
hh, mm, ss = leading zero
h, m, s = no leading zero
Example: HH:mm:ss = 15:04:31

Date format

y = year, M = month, d = day
y, M, d = no leading zero
yy, MM, dd = leading zero
yyyy = 4 digit year
MMM, ddd = short name (Jan, Mon)
MMMM, dddd = long name (January, Monday)
Example: dd/MMM/yy = 02/Nov/03

The method you are describing should work.

It is the property Enabled on the J1939 module that must be set to false to avoid the No contact popup.

Disabling the function group with the JFIN:s do not prevent the No contact error message.

One thing to try is to just use a DP instead of the IDC to enable/disable the J1939 joysticks, just to be sure the issue is not related to the logic of the IDC.

Out of the three security properties for connectivity, this symptom is from the "Allow remote connection" property. (default on "Allow remote connection" is "Ask user", which does not work in applications without a master display).

Ok, the model with two phase shifted frequency outputs should work with the DFIN channel property sensor type set to Quadrature, so that would work with IQAN-MC4x using existing software versions.

The IQAN-MD4 is supporting Motion JPEG (MJPEG) over RTSP.

The datasheet for the camera you link to does not show any signs of having a video stream on this format, it mentions a different format.

The camera I recommend using instead is the IQAN-SV

We have some example dwg:s showing how to connect IQAN modules in a system, the closest match is the example IQAN-MD4 system electircal schematic

There are also example schematics for the individual products, for the IQAN-MC43 for example you find schematics on the "product support" tab on the page describing the module.

It is not a bug, a more accurate description would be "lack of feature".

The module that has support for the sensor type "Frequency/Direction" are the XA2 and XC21/22/23.

These modules handle the situation when the on/off direction signal changes, and count the pulses from the frequency signal in the correct direction.

In version 2.x, it used to be possible to set type "Frequency/Direction" on MC2 the DFIN channel, but the MC2 hardware does not have built in support for it, and the old MC2 implementation was one that could relatively easily be built with application logic instead, by combining a FIN and DIN.

It might be possible to add the feature of proper built-in handling of the sensor type "Frequency/Direction" on the MC4 series.

Out of curiosity, what type of sensor are you using? (if that is information that can be shared on the forum)

Most sensors for this purpose that I come accross are of quadrature type, and I only recall ever coming across a sensor with a frequency output and a separate direction output once in applications I have worked on.

I have seen one picture of this exact error code once before, that was in 2013, on an MDL2 running version 3.02. Never saw the actual module though.

My suggestion is to contact the local Parker sales office and get the MDL2 sent in for repair/investigation. Given that the MDL2 is in phase out attempt to repair should be better than replacing it.