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Using the state parameter for selecting the valid PIN code is a good idea.

One limitation is that the state names on the State Parameter are fixed in IQANdesign.

A workaround for that is to add a Text Parameter with a mode selector. The State parameter would need to be with generic names, like "driver 1", then the Text Parameter can be used to look at this name and show the actual driver name.

In version 4, the path should neither include the http or the rtsp at the beginging.

It is the rtsp path that needs to be used.

The example for Axis is that is given in IQANdesign is:


What module are you using (e.g. XA2), and how did you wire it? For biderectional PWMOUT mode, the coils must be wired in the same way as for bidirectional COUT mode, like this:

No, there is no way of repeating a multi-packeted message in a good way. We are considering adding something like this as a gateway function.

The use of different size video controls for the IQAN-SV is a function that we did not have time to implement in 4.00, but that is planned for 4.02.

I don't have any way of preventing the system log from logging the calculation overflow when a channel gets this status.

But I think that I can help shed some light on why you are getting this. It appears from the naming in the log as if the channel triggering this is a JPOUT. Attached is a small example that can be used ot cause overflow on a JPOUT:

JPOUT overflow.ids3

I can see that you also have a couple of "unknown" showing Calculation overflow. These must be from channels that you had in the application before, but that were deleted. The IQAN-MD4 does not find the corresponding channel name for the Component ID of the deleted channel, but the stored event is not lost. That is why it reads "unknown".

If you need to use the G1 type modem, you can download IQANdesign 3.19 from here:

(there is a link to to previous versions here also )

A new IQAN video tutorial showing an example of using Qcode

Are you deleting a display control? In that case, it is Ctrl-Del you will need to use