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Joe. What we do in this case is leave both Design and run open. Then if you move from design to run, go to communication and disconnect your can adapter...this allows connectivity in run. Then when you go back to design , disconnect can in run. In other words , the can communication can only be connected with one program at a time but is not necessary to close program each time.

Thank you!! You have done us well....again!!! Used it this morning and works very well!

Hello Pradeed.

If you choose to Use Can adapter ( peak). follow this and make sure you install software as per instructions

Option two is to connect into port 33 and 34 direct to Ethernet. We have used a Ethernet cable and installed pins on correct wires to got directly into the MC41. This will allow you to connect direct to your computer via usb adapter if needed or a battery power hub.

The great thing about Iqan is the options and straight forward connectivity. We are programming and setting parameter all over the world via Iqan connect and G11 adapter. Our customers are ecstatic of what we can do quickly via a connection through a cell phone and Iqan Snyc. We send all our machines out with 4 pin Deutsch plug to connect with G11 or IOT connection.


would you be willing to share info on driving PVED j1939 valves via Iqan

thank you