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You can set the simulator to use the RAW value range for inputs.

You can the adjust those outside the min and max values you have set and in turn get the high and low errors.


The MC4x can not have a min current below 100 mA on a COUT.

It can of course be turned off (0 mA) if you have 0 on the input channel.

But as soon as you start to have something on the input it will immediately jump up to your min current.

You will normally have a threshold current that you need to overcome before you get any movement in a system.

This is both for the coil and the mechanical parts.

The minimum current is used to calibrate the system so that you can have the movement start as soon as you activate the COUT.

It will then work linearly until you have 100 on you input channel, or -100 for bidirectional, where it will give your maximum current.

So if you have the max current set to 1500 and min current is set to 100.

at 0% it will give 0mA, at 0,1% it will give a little more than 100 mA and at 100% it will give you 1500mA.

So if you want to have three different stages on the COUT you will have to add those in the logic on the input channel (or before) to the COUT.

Hello Nikhil.

You have some tutorial videos on Vimeo or youtube.

These shows the basics of how to create an application in IQANdesign.

For communicating with a MC43 you have two options, Ethernet directly or over CAN via a CAN card.

Loading to the module via the Ethernet of the MC43 is done by connecting it directly to you PC or your network.

Selecting the Ethernet as your communication interface in IQANdesign and clicking "Send Project" (F11).

No further setup should be needed.

You can find the different software's and download them from the store site.

When you have a coil on a DOUT an deactivates it you will induce a negative transient current on that coil.

This transient current can over time damage the DOUT on the XA2.

Using a diode on over the coil will let the transient current circulate trough the coil instead of going in to the DOUT.

And yes, the older XA2 had a circuit that was more robust that the one in newer, so they could handle this transient better.

But you can still damage those in the old XA2 the same way, so you should still have the diode on the older XA2.


The IQANdevelop software does work on windows 10.

For IQANdesign 2.63 you will in the future run in to problems if you are using direct USB connection.

So to be future secure you should use a CAN interface instead if you are not already doing so.

Hello Hassan.

You can only save the results of a measurement group if you are using IQANrun or IQANdesign to do the measurement.

The measurements groups directly in the display can only show the current values of the channels in the group.

No, we only have support for those USB to CAN that are listed in the link i gave first.

Hello Rainer.

It is planed for release on the 14th next week, Friday.

Yes, using the G11 is possible. The G11 is a Bluetooth to CAN dongel.

You could use the G11 for diagnostics also if you did a remote connection.

It would be slower than using a USB to CAN and you would also need to have a connect licence.