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Hello Noah.

You can do this with the help of the bitwise logic.

For example:

Bit6:= component shr(5) band(1)                //getting Bit 6 value

New value:= 1 shl(5) bor(component)        //Setting Bit 6 to 1


Is that resistance measured from the output to the ground of the MC43?

You can either have buttons that are linked to display pages or you can use the property Show on the display pages and linked to channels in the application.


We have two different ways of detecting Open load on the DOUT.

The under current detection is only for when the output is turned on.

This is from the DOUT section in the appendix in the instruction book.

Here you can see that when the output is off we use the resistance for the open load detection.

Hello Greg.

Not in the way i think you want.

But you could have just the adjustable parameter located outside of the function group.

That way they will be adjustable when the group is disabled.

Then you bring them in to the group either via a 'Function group input' channel or having them set as Public.

Hello Christine.

No, not the EDS file but you can load a .dbc in to IQANdesign.

You can do that from Tools/CAN database and click on the plus tab.

You also have an CANopen example in the solutions library that you can look at to see how it is implemented.

Hello Sandy.

The value of the channel will be set to the 'Error value' that you define on the voltage input.

Without the XA2 connected you will not be able to get any other values on those channels.

The status 'No contact' comes from as you say, do not have any contact with the XA2 that the channels are connected to.

If you just want to test the application and be able to assign values to the channels without connecting everything i suggest using the simulator instead.

Ok, then you have something strange connected to the output.

The DOUT can handle up to 2A, so if you are getting the overload it draws more that that.

Check to make sure that you are not accidentally shorting the output to ground.

What is the red status?

If you hold the mouse pointer over the channel when it has the red status you will get a popup telling you what it is.

Like i have done here when i have the status No contact.

So the DOUT 'O work lights' goes red when you activate it?

If you hover with the mouse over the channel when it is red it will tell you what the status of the channel is.

I suspect that the channel could be in overload.

Led lights can have a high in rush current depending on how powerful they are.

This could trigger the overload protection on the DOUT channel.

Do you know the spec of the leds you are using?

If this is the case you might need to use a relay.

Trigger the relay with the DOUT and power the LED trough the relay.