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We have done some testing with rugged ethernet switches to see if they work with the MD4 and SV cameras.

They are unmanaged switches so you only connect them and are ready to go.

These two switches were tested with three cameras (only had 3 to test with) and was found to work.

Molex DRL-750Murr

Electronik Art.-No. 58160

Test were also done on 'Moxa TN-5305' and 'Phoenix Contact FL switch 1605 M12'.

These two switches experienced problems when more than one camera were added.

Such as loosing connection to cameras or not finding them at all.

The 'Enabled' property on the G11 does not in fact disable the G11 when set to No.

If you read the tool tip it says

'Select No to disable the communication with the Bluetooth adapter. When disabled, there will be no supervision of e.g. signal quality or lost contact. It will also not be visible in the display menu system. The adapter itself is still operational though and can be used to communicate with the system. To prevent that, see next property Enable Bluetooth.'

So even if the G11 'Enable' is set to 'No' you can still connect and send/receive applications, logs or change settings.

This should work for all master modules.

When they are set in 'safe mode' the application that is in the module is not loaded at all, so the settings telling the module to not accept the incoming transfer from the G11 is not read.

I have personally tested this on a MC2, MC3 and MD4.

Hello Meric.

From the message it sounds like the application and the firmware does not match.

But that should not be something you can do as the firmware is updated together with the application if the firmware in the master is another version when you download.

Got some questions to help us figure out what is wrong here.

What Master module are you are using?

Is the application running OK in the master or does it not work?

Can you download to the master without problem?

What is your communication interface, USB, CAN or ethernet?


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Hello Phan.

You can use IQANrun to download and save the logs as a excel file.

Use IQANrun to connect to the MD4.

Then go to the 'Logs' in the toolbox section.

Double click on the log you want to enter in to it.

Then you use the 'Save' function under 'File' in the top right corner of IQANrun.

Here you can select the file type you want to save the log as.

Hello Michael.

No, you can not rotate the video feed.

You can flip it vertically and mirror the image so you can mount the camera upside down.


If you look trough the instruction books you will find that the blink panthers have roughly the same meaning on each of the current IQAN products.
The difference is if the unit in question have all the different blink codes or not.

There can also be a difference in the description of the error, this is why i said roughly.

For example, you have the blink code for output error 1:1.
On the MC2 it is only described as 'Output'.

On the XC21 it is described as 'DOUT error (open load)'.

This comes from that the only output on a XC21 is the DOUT and the only error detection we have on it is the open load.

On the MC2 we have more types of output channels that can generate this error so it is only described as 'output'.

These blink codes come from the MC3 instruction book.
Using these you can get a good idea of what is wrong with the unit.

1:1 Output

1:2 Input

1:3 VREF

2:1 Power Supply

2:2 Temperature

3:1 CAN, no contact

3:2 IDtag error
3:3 System mismatch
3:4 CAN error (bus off)
4:1 Internal error/OSE
4:2 Critical Temperature
4:3 Critical Stop

If you set a MC3 with 4.x loaded in safe mode (start it without a ID-tag) you will be able to download a new application via the G11. This works even if the application that was loaded is set to not allow you to download in normal cases.

Hello Mark.

I made an example of how to do a PIN code key pad a while ago.

You can have a look at this application file to see if it something you can use.

Pin code.ids4