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Hello Tia.

You get the Black button when you have the white background because the inverted colour is set to black as standard.

If you go to root of the MD4 display pages you have the option to select your Text/symbol colour and your inverted Text/symbol colour.

Hello Carl.

You could break out the different values you want by making a bit mask with the help of 'band' (Bitwise and) functions in a math channel.

For example the last 3 bits, do a biwise and between the SPN number and 0x7, then you would mask out all except the 3 least significant bits.

For the next 5 bits you do a bitwise and between the SPN and 0xF8, then use the 'shr' (shift right) function and move the value 3 steps. then you have the value for those 5 bits.

If you really need each bit you could use a internal digital channel (one per bit) and do a bit mask for each bit in the SPN.

Hello Mustafa.

The earlier response was not entirely correct of me. The 200m is for CANopen and not J1939.

If you look in the J1939-15 standard they do not recommend any longer CAN-bus than 40m.

IQNAs Master/Diagnostic/Expansion bus are very similar to the J1939 so that length is what you should go after.

So if you go over 40m you could use a CAN repeater to grantee a good connection.

Is it only the led that is turned on all the time but otherwise the MC2 functions normally?

Not sure what could cause the led to be on all the time.

Was it like that from start or did the unit get like that during operation or after you downloaded?

If you can not communicate with the module and/or it is not working you could try starting the module in safe mode.

You do that by placing a jumper between address high and address low pins.

This will start the MC2 without loading any application.

If it start OK in safe mode try downloading an application to it again.

You should be fine with the setup as you have it.

The normal recommendation is to have a maximum of 200m on a 250kbps bus, we usually recommend less then that because our modules generally are not used in ideal environments.


Are you sure it was open load you had on the DOUT?

Did you hold the mouse over the channel to see the status in text or did you just see the red square?

On the XA2 DOUT there should not be any open load detection.

You only have that if it is configured as a COUT.

So the behaviour you describe later is what i would expect from a DOUT.

What you can have on a DOUT channel is the status 'No contact' if you lose contact with the XA2.

This is also indicated with the red square in IQANdesign, but if you hold the mouse over the channel it say 'No contact'

You can keep the status 'No contact' on the DOUT even after you get back the communication with the XA2 if you keep the DOUT in the true state all the time.

When you get an error on the DOUT you have to go back to False to get rid of the error.

So if you loose contact with the XA2 intermittently and keep the DOUT activated, you will have the status 'No contact' on the channel until you set it to false..

Hello Ed.

What you can do is to add a PIN code channel in the application.

On adjust groups you can select PIN code channels instead of typing in a PIN code.

The when you enter the correct code for the group the channel in the application will go from false to true.

Hello Christophe.

You can do this with the limiting function on the Math channels.

You have four math channels, one for each function.

For the '1 Left' function you use the X axis as the controlling signal.

Then in the limiting part of the Math channel you set that if the rocker is in down position you allow 100% and otherwise it allow 0%.

In the same limiting you also have the condition that the Y axis have to be in upp position to allow 100% and otherwise it allow 0%.

Then you have the whole limiting part set to min of absolute.

You could also do it with the Qcode as you said.


If Rocker < -90 and Y axis < -90 then

Result :=vector(X axis, (-100, -100), (-10, 0), (10, 0), (100, 100))
Result := 0


Might be easier if i make an example for you

Multi function example.ids4

Hello David.

If you use a Pin code channel (PCC) as the pin code for entering the adjust group you can set the condition for resetting the lock yourself.

You could for example use the SIC 'Menu system open' as resetting condition (when it is not true).

Then you would need to enter the PIN code every time you close the menu

Not exactly.

To do that you need to save the data in logs and then retrieve the logs with IQNA software.

But we have no way to directly send the data from a master to a USB stick.

You will need a PC, or phone if you have a IQAN-G11 installed on the machine, to get the logs from the master.

You can use basically the same setup as i did in the example but instead of saving a value in the array you log the value.

There is of course nothing that stops you from doing both.