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Thank you for the wisdom! This will most certainly come in handy for future speed control applications.

A solution was found for my issue. Hatz will probably work with the TSC1 imported solution, however you will need to set your J1939 source address in the TSC1 block to 3. In my experience, the transmission, which is always address 3, doesnt send PGN 0 so it was a little odd to me. You dont need to worry about counter or checksum either. This info came from a Hatz engineer so i hope this may help anyone with CAN speed control for Hatz engines. 

Hey Mike. While i do find the breakdown itself helpful, i wouldnt know what the values would need to be for Hatz to recognize it. I have sent a message to Hatz to see if i can get that info, but have had no response yet. Thank you MIke!


Thank you for the response. We had suspected this may be the case, and now its confirmed.