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Sounds great, yes, agreed, looks very promising!

Confusion or not, pasting a group to the same page, pasting ungrouped items between pages, is still done with offset.

However when pasting a group between pages, no offset occurs, that is great!, you are on the right path! 

Move stuff with ctrl+arrows is great, but when copying Groups, the objects inside the group is also being moved, please fix this!

That is a great workaround until it is fixed!

Thank you!

I used a standard Dout, but the principle you are describing.

worked fine..!

I can´t find it in the list either, but the simplest workaround is to hit "-" key, and then select it in the drop down menu.

Hi Zach

If i understand you correctly, there is a workaround, you simply don´t use the predefined TSC1 channel, TSC1 is an ordinary PG, with PGN 0, and it can be configured to act as the predefined channel.

Search the SAE1939-71 document for PGN-0

attaching a picture to explain better...!