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I had two questions to connect to IQAN master modules via CAN bus for diagnostic and program update:

1) Can we use PCAN-miniPCI or PCAN-miniPCIe cards of PEAK-system?

2) Can we use Innodisk EMUC-B202? This product does not appear among the recommended products above. What should we do if we want to use this product? Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance... 

Solved by adding identification tag.


- We tried to install the application on several android phone. Google play ‘Device is not compatible with this version’ gave an error. and can not download the application. Phones we’ve tried: HTC one m7 (android v5.0.2), Samsung S5 (android v5.0), Sony Xperia Z1 (android v4.4.4)

- What is the minimum version of the android devices ?